Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Favorite Deputy Keyblade Stats

Favorite Deputy keyblade's stats, attributes, formchange, and information on how to obtain it in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Favorite Deputy Keyblade Stats

KH3 Favorite Deputy Keyblade
Strength: 8
Magic: 5
Lucky Strike
Formchange Extender
Form Change: Hyper Hammer, Drill Punch

How to Favorite Deputy

Favorite Deputy Information

Favorite Deputy transforms into Hyper Hammer and Drill Punch, giving it a wide attack range. Both forms boast strong finishing attacks and can be activated frequently for unloading on enemies.

Features of Hyper Hammer

Accumulating the Keyblade’s gauge gives you access to Hyper Hammer which can be effective against mobs of enemies due to its impressive range.

Features of Drill Punch

Hyper Hammer allows you to use Drill Punch upon filling up the weapon’s gauge. The form does a piercing attack which leads to a follow-up assault in the air.

Finishing Attack

The Keyblade’s finishing attack is almost whip-like in motion and damages multiple enemies when used.


Level Strength Magic To Upgrade
2 6 3 Fluorite x1, Wellspring Shard x3
3 6 4 Fluorite x1, Wellspring Shard x4
4 7 4 Damascus x1, Wellspring Stone x1
5 7 5 Damascus x1, Wellspring Stone x1, Pulsing Stone x1
6 8 5 Damascus x1, Wellspring Stone x1, Pulsing Stone x2
7 8 6 Admantite x1, Wellspring Gem x1
8 9 6 Adamantite x1, Wellspring Gem x1, Puling Gem x1
9 9 7 Electrum x1, Wellspring Crystal x1, Pulsing Crystal x1
10 10 8


Normal Form

Level Name Effect
2 Lucky Strike Increase the chances of enemies dropping items. Stack the ability to increase the effect.
4 Formchange Extender Extends the availability period of Formchange Situation Commands. Can be multi-equipped to increase effects.


Name Effect
Hidden Potential Strength and Magic increase when battling powerful enemies.
Combo Master Continue combos even if your swings miss the enemy.
Omega Finale Performs a combo finisher with the circle button at any time during a combo.


Hyper Hammer

Name Effect
Guardbreaker Prevents weapon attacks from  being deflected.
Flying Clobber Press the X button to swing at enemies while in flowmotion.
Aerial Wallop Swing downward toward the ground. Air combo finisher.
Ground Wallop Slam the hammer into the ground. Ground combo finisher.

Drill Punch

Name Effect
Ultimate Finish Perform a powerful attack with the Keyblade.
Diving Dodge Tilt the left analog stick and press the square button to dive into the ground to evade.
Drill Pillars Summon drills from the ground to damage enemies. Ground combo finisher.
Corkscrew Uppercut Launch enemies into the air. Ground combo finisher.
Dire Drill Perform a lunging attack at enemies. Air combo finisher.
Guardbreaker Prevents weapon attacks from  being deflected.


Name Effect
Drill Drive Wrap around and fly toward enemies repeatedly.
Ghost Horde Summon avatars that attack enemies repeatedly.

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