Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Frozen Slider Mini Game Guide

This page contains a guide on Kingdom Hearts 3's Frozen Slider mini game, including basic controls, objectives, how to get a high score, and rewards.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Frozen Slider Mini Game Guide

Frozen Slider Mini Game Guide

KH3 Frozen Slider Mini Game Guide

Frozen Slider is a snowboard mini-game in Arendelle. It will become unlocked as a mini-game after its initial appearance in the main story. Talk to Elsa to access the mini-game.

Arendelle Walthrough


The objective of the mini game is to race across the snow-covered course and clear it at the fastest possible time. You will earn bonus points that will add to your score depending on how fast you completed the race.

Tips to get a high score in Frozen Slider

Aim for a completion time of at least 1 minute and 30 seconds

You will earn about 50,000 points as a bonus for completing the course within the earlier ranges of 1 minute and 30 seconds. At the later ranges, you will earn about 30,000 points.

Upon reaching the 1 minutes and 40 second mark, however, the bonus will be reduced significantly to somewhere around 15,000 points. If you want to achieve a high rating, try to complete the course within 1 minutes and 30 seconds.

Take the ground route as much as possible

You can slide on the lanes to quickly blaze through the course, though will collect fewer crystals than if you were on the ground path.

Try to get the big crystals

Touching big crystals causes them to turn into a cluster of crystals ahead of you. If you collect them, you will not only gain 1000 points for taking the big crystals, but also receive more points by gathering the cluster that spawned ahead. This allows you to get a high score.

No Damage Bonus

Completing the course without hitting any obstacles or walls gives you a bonus of 50,000 points. If you do get hit, you will not get the bonus and the bonus multiplier will be reset.

Finding the 10 Hidden treasures

Ten treasures are scattered across the course of Frozen Slider.

After obtaining all treasures, you will receive Orichalcum and Master Draw as bonus rewards. The first is an essential material in synthesizing the Ultima Weapon, the strongest Keyblade in the game. Master Draw is a useful ability to collect items and enemy drops during battle.

Treasure Locations

Since the treasures are hidden along different routes of the map, it is impossible to collect them all in one run. The treasures are found after you jump into the first valley of the map.

Treasure Location
1 As soon as you enter the central route
2 Found by taking the leftmost path near the entrance of the second tunnel
3 Follow the left route to the tunnel’s jump stand, then go straight without taking the left slope
4 Take the route in the middle and slide on the ground path. Turn left when the path branches to the tunnel’s entrance.
5 Take the route near the center, then take the path on the right on the ground. Finally, take the path under the rail that climbs up the cliff.
6 Take the path that branches to the right, then take the left route when the path branches in the forest.
7 Take the route on the right. When the path branches, make another right.
8 Take the left route that goes above the railing through the forest.
9 Jump to reach the third rail from the rail on the right side.
10 At the end of the cave near the end of the course. Take the right route when the path branches, then the left.

Mini Game Rewards

Medals are awarded depending on the player’s score.

Rating Reward
A (500,000 points or higher)
  • Fusion Rocket + Defense Booster (first time clear)
  • Star Medal (all subsequent clears after the first)
B Junior Medal
C Wellspring Stone

Shield Shredder Trophy

To obtain the Shield Shredder Trophy, you must earn a score of 600,000 points or higher.

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  2. uuhhhh the mater medal might not be there cause i’ve reached just about very score you can get between 400 and 500k and it still only gave me jr medal.