Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - Grand Chef Keyblade Stats

Grand Chef keyblade's stats, attributes, formchange, and information on how to obtain the weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Grand Chef Keyblade Stats

Grand Chef
Strength: 5
Magic: 7
Wizard Star
Form Change: Frying Pan

How to Obtain Grand Chef

  • Upgrade the restaurant to 5 stars.

Grand Chef Information

The Grand Chef has impressive Magic power and can be transformed into the Frying Pan in battle.

Features of the Frying Pan

The Frying Pan allows you to perform quick combos along with the ability to guard while moving.

Upon performing a successful guard, you will be able to activate Flame Burst that deals massive damage to enemies in front of you. Successfully guarding twice unleashes Flame Tornado for even more damage.

Finishing Attack

The finishing attack has you striking the ground with a big skillet that covers a wide area. This is good for taking out groups of enemies clustered together.

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