Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Grape Flan Mission Guide

Strategy guide on the Grape Flan mission in Arendelle for Kingdom Hearts 3, including tips to achieve a high score.

KH3 Grape Pudding Mini Game

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Tips for Grape Flan Mission

High Level Activity

It is difficult to achieve a high score when your abilities are only enough to complete Arendelle‘s main story. It is recommended to the Grape Flan mission after you’ve strengthened your Keyblade and have strong Aero magic to use.

It is generally not recommended to throw the enemy’s attack at them. Though it is possible to guard and use the enemy’s ice attacks against it, it better to damage them with your own attacks and spells.

Use the Rails

The Flan Heartless shoot ice attacks on a rail. You can use these rails to your advantage by riding on them to get close to the enemies. This strategy allows you to destroy the Flan Heartless more quickly

Spam Magic attacks

Using Thundaga or Aeroga is very effective in defeating Flan Heartless since they cover a wide area. Using these Magic attacks is especially reliable towards the end of the mini-game where lots of enemies will appear.

Recommended Keyblades

Ever After

Ever After‘s formchange Mirage Staff casts an Aero spell over a wide area. A strengthened Ever After can make short work of large mobs of enemies.

Shooting Star

Shooting Star lets you attack multiple enemies when using its auto-lock feature. Strengthening the weapon will improve your performance in this mini-game even more.

Arendelle Map and Collectibles

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  1. You can do grape flan right after beating arendale using the happy gear. The agile claws let you dash in and do incredible damage and the yo yo does ranged area damage to take out multiple flans at once quickly.