Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Inside the Mirror [Kingdom Hearts II.8/ KH 2.8]

This chapter starts with Aqua ventures through the mirror. After that, she's pit against a mirage of herself. She and Mirage Aqua fight against one another. We will update this as we go along.

As Aqua ventures through the mirror, she finds herself pit against multiple threats. One being the Heartless and the other is the completely perfect copy of herself: Mirage Aqua.

Inside the Mirror

Before the world starts, there will be a cut-scene with Aqua moving around. When suddenly, she spots a coffin with the body of a sleeping Ventus inside. In a state of panic, she tries to get him out only to realize that it was just an illusion.

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During that cut-scene, you see Aqua reaffirming her resolve to bring both Ventus and Terra home. With that, she proceeds into the next room: The World Inside the Mirror.


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After the cutscene, have Aqua move forward and pick up the treasure chest containing a map of World in the Mirror. There’s also a save point nearby which you can use to save. When you’re done checking your equipment, head straight towards the round-about where you’ll see several mirror portals.

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After that, head to the northern most mirror where it will trigger an animation. Aqua gets sucked in and you’ll find yourself at the end of a staircase.

Northern Mirror

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Climb up the stairs where you’ll find another mirror. When you reach the mirror, interact with it and you’ll encounter a few Heartless on your way. Cut them down and proceed. When you’re done with those, keep climbing the stairs and going through the mirrors until another cut-scene occurs. There, Aqua notices the torches and another mirror in front of her.

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Approach the mirror and you’ll trigger another cut-scene where Aqua meets a mirage version of herself. When the mirage tries to reach for her, Aqua immediately jumps back to prevent the mirage from touching her. However, much to the girl’s surprise, the mirage does exactly what she does: summon a keyblade. This then triggers a battle between you two.

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Boss Battle: Mirage Aqua

Battle Tips:
When fighting Mirage Aqua, keep up a rapid combo of attacks to catch her off guard. As much as possible, watch over your health because the Mirage Aqua deals quick combos that slowly hack away your HP. You can use Blizzard Screen to lower the damage of her large ice crystals. When she summons the large ice crystals, run for your life and use dodge to
mirage aqua
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After taking out the mirage version of Aqua, there will be a cut-scene where Aqua restates her resolve to fight. With that, the mirror glows and sucks Aqua in before spitting her back into the central room. When she lands there, the mirror behind her suddenly cracks.

When the cut-scene finishes, head out and make your way towards the Eastern mirror. Interact with the mirror the same way you did the first mirror.

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Eastern Mirror

Once you’re in the next room, there are several treasure chests lying on the ground. Approach one of them and the treasure chests will disappear, leaving Aqua in an empty room with a mirror. With that, proceed to the next room through the mirror.

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After that, you unlock a new trophy and are sent back to the main room. When you’re in the main room, head towards the mirror at the Northeast of the first mirror you entered. This time, you find yourself in a room full of pillars.

Northeastern Mirror

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There’s nothing much to do here other than go through the mirrors. Head into the mirrors where you’ll hear Aqua speaking in the darkness. However, this place is also a puzzle in itself. The first thing you have to do is break the pillars of light. After breaking the first pillar, the room will switch with Aqua hanging upside down.

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Shatter the pillar and the world turns upside down. Then, pick up the treasure chest near the pillar to pick up a Hi-Potion. After that, look for the gazebo housing the other mirror and enter it. There, you’ll encounter Mirage Aqua again.

Boss Battle: Mirage Aqua

Battle Tips:
When fighting Mirage Aqua, same strategy as last time. Since Aqua is a “tricky” character, her spells and speedy movements can catch an opponent off guard. Make sure you have the proper spells equipped to you. She still uses the same skills where she throws large ice crystals. Dodge them, and you should be fine.
After defeating her, the mirror spits out Aqua and shatters into pieces. When you’re back into the center room, head towards the west-most mirror. When the screen resumes, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a destroyed mine.
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Follow the pathway and interact with the mirrors that you see.  Notice that every time you open a mirror, a new platform will appear. Double jump your way up and continue making your way through the platforms until you reach one with three platforms before you. When that happens, use only the two platforms to get you to the other side where you encounter a few Heartless.
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When you’re done, there’s a slope nearby. Slide down the slope and go through the mirror. Activate the mirror where it’ll change the entire setting back to the Gazebo. There’s a Save Point there so, save while you can. Before you go, make sure you pick up the treasure chest along the way. After that, go face Mirage Aqua again.

Boss Battle: Mirage Aqua

Battle Tips:
When fighting Mirage Aqua, this time, you’ll have to fight her at full power. She now has three forms which can be quite a pain. Make sure you have your blocks and take down the two clones before attacking her. She also releases a variety of attacks that can knock you back and send you flying. Make sure you have all your potions and spells on hand. Time your attacks and wait for the tornado to move to the center. With that, you have more room to fight Mirage Aqua.
After defeating her, exit from the mirror and complete the “World Inside The Mirror” map. And congratulations! The chapter ends here!

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