Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Orange Flan Mission Guide

Strategy guide on the Orange Flan Heartless mission in Kingdom of Corona for Kingdom Hearts 3, including tips to achieve a high score.

KH3 Orange Pudding Mini Game

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Tips for Orange Flan Mission

Aiming for a High Score

Different Flan Heartless are scattered across various areas of the forest. However, a few of them will give you a higher score than others if you photograph them at the right time.

Pay close attention for when you should photograph them, as indicated in this guide.

Flan Heartless that Turn into Pancakes

KH3 Orange Pudding Mini Game

The two Flan Heartless that appear near the northern part of the area will turn into pancakes once they climb up a tree and notice you standing below.

Take a picture after they have transformed to get a high score.

Flan Heartless on the Cliff

KH3 Orange Pudding Mini Game

In the center of the area, a Flan Heartless will be on the cliff near the starting point. Wait until you can see five.

Be careful not to miss the opportunity as the five Flan Heartless will appear after you pass the front of the cliff.

Flan Heartless playing with animals

KH3 Orange Pudding Mini Game

A Flan Heartless can be found playing with animals in the northeastern part of the area. The right time to snap the picture is when you see a squirrel on its head and a bird on each of its hands.

Flan Heartless in the Flower Garden

KH3 Orange Pudding Mini Game

Five Flan Heartless will be at the flower garden near the northwest area. They will be marching back and forth when you spot them. The best time to take your shot is when all five of them are facing your camera.

Small Flan Heartless

KH3 Orange Pudding Mini Game

A small Flan Heartless will appear before the cave in the northeast area. Wait for the little fellow to raise its hands at you before taking a picture. A good spot to take a picture of it is from the top of the slope toward the cave.

Flan Heartless in the pond

KH3 Orange Pudding Mini Game

A Flan Heartless can be found playing in the pond. Take the picture when its whole body emerges to earn a high score.

Other Flan Heartless

Wandering Flan Heartless

The best time to photograph the Flan Heartless is when it raises both hands.

Flan chasing butterflies

Take a picture of the Flan Heartless running after butterflies when it is at the highest point of its jump.

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  1. At this time I have found 18 different orange flan locations and reached 31 000 max points. The first time I got 24 000 and give me treasure magnet.I still looking for more secret locations.