Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - Terra Boss Guide

Terra is a boss you fight in Kingdom Hearts 3. Included is information about his various attacks, and some strategies to defeating him.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Terra Boss Guide

How to defeat Terra in Kingdom Hearts 3

Terra’s Attacks

7 Consecutive Attacks

Terra executes a string of attacks with his Keyblade. All of which deal a lot of damage. His attacks include an upward slash, a downward strike, a spinning slash, and a shockwave.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Terra Attack

Downward Strike

Kingdom Hearts 3 Terra Attack 2

Spinning Slash

Kingdom Hearts 3 Terra Attack 3

Upward Slash

Kingdom Hearts 3 Terra Attack 4


Kingdom Hearts 3 Terra Shockwave

Power of the Darkness

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tera

Terra uses the power of the darkness to release attacks from Sora’s shadow. When Terra uses this attack, he summons a small shadow area on the ground. A shadowy figure emerges from it and strikes at Sora. It is very difficult to evade, especially when you’re close to the shadow area.

High-Speed Movement

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tera

Terra moves throughout the map at a high speed. He uses this to avoid Sora’s attacks as well as set up his own damaging moves against the heroes.

Magical Attack

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tera

Terra occasionally uses magic attacks in the form of beams of light. They deal decent damage but are slow and can be avoided easily so long as you are constantly on the move.

Terra’s Special Attack

Dark Force Liberation

Terra releases the power of the darkness and is enveloped by it after a couple of seconds.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tera

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tera

He then attacks Sora and company using the power of the darkness for a certain period of time. The projectiles deal a large amount of damage.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tera

Strategies against Terra

Attention to his Continuous Attack

If caught by Terra’s continuous attacks, Sora will be dealt tremendous amount of damage. It is best to let him attack first since after he uses his combo attack there will be a moment where he is open to attack.

Do not attack hastily. Dodge all his attacks and maintain a good distance until Terra reverts back to his normal form.

Attacks against a Terra who just released the power of darkness are hard to land. As such, it is best to let him burn out his buff and strike once the power of darkness leaves.

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