Toys for your Spirits: Guide [Kingdom Hearts II.8/ KH 2.8]

Toys are used for training the pets. The article will show a detailed explanation on how the toys work. We'll be updating this as we go along.


Toys can trigger Mini-Games that you can play with spirits. When you play with your spirits, the games also boost the attributes of your spirit. Each spirit has their own stats that they specialize in. There are three items that you can use to train your spirits.

Source: KH Wiki

Spirit Toys Guide

Item Name Description Buying Price
Normal (Left), Sale (Right)
 Selling Price
Balloon A training toy that lets you bat balloons around with your Spirits. 80 64 40
Water Barrel A training toy that lets you play with Spirits in an underwater prize playground. 80 64 40
Treasure Goggles A training toy that lets you send Spirits on a treasure hunt. 40

Training in the form of Play

The spirits from Kingdom Hearts are playful creatures and resort purely on play to train. By doing so, they increase their stats in a similar way to how children learn. When you choose to play with a spirit, make sure you choose a particular toy that maximizes the favoured stat. Once you’ve figured out the stats, finding out which item would match is easy.

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