Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - Vanitas Boss Guide

Vanitas' boss guide which includes his attack types, as well as some strategies to help you defeat him.

How to defeat Vanitas of Kingdom Hearts 3

Vanitas’ Attacks

Jumping Strike Down

Kingdom Hearts 3 Vanitas

Vanitas jumps down from the sky, smashing the ground with his keyblade. Ice is generated from the ground he strikes.

Shadow Dive and Fire Spin

Kingdom Hearts 3 Vanitas

Vanitas dives down into a shadowy circle which rushes towards Aqua. While inside the circle, he cannot be hit with physical attacks.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Vanitas

Once he gets in range, he springs up a shadowy circle and spews fireballs all over the map. This deals quite a lot of damage, so it is best to steer clear when he rises from the shadowy circle.


Kingdom Hearts 3 Vanitas

Vanitas shoots two fireballs in succession. Their speed is somewhat slow which makes them easy to dodge. However, multiple fireballs can be a bit hard to dodge, so it is best to keep distance. This allows you to see how many fireballs he tosses out.

Taking down Vanitas

Use Magic Attacks

Kingdom Hearts 3 Vanitas

Vanitas has a fast attack speed which makes the openings between his strikes short. Therefore, try to magically attack from as far back as possible with Aqua. Make it a point to use your magic attacks just as he lunges for an attack in order to stagger him.

Using Spell Weaver

Kingdom Hearts 3 Vanitas

While recharging MP with a magic attack, use the situation command “Spell Weaver.” A whirlwind of ice envelopes Aqua and she can spin towards Vanitas to deal a good amount of damage.

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