Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Verum Rex: Beat of Lead Mini Game Guide

This page contains a guide on Kingdom Hearts 3's Verum Rex: Beat of Lead mini game, including basic controls, objectives, how to get a high score and rewards.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Verum Rex Mini Game Guide

Verum Rex Mini Game Guide

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Verum Rex

Veru Rex: Beat of Lead is a first-person shooter mini-game in the Toy Box.

Toy Box Walkthrough

Mini Game Objectives

You take control of a robot to defeat the hordes of mechanized enemies that appear across the map to score as many points as possible within the time limit.

Tips to Get a High Score in Verum Rex

Go for Chain Bonuses

Defeating enemies one after other results in a chain bonus that significantly increases your score during the mini game.

Take advantage of Heat, Spark, and Crane traps

Various traps can be found on the battlefield. The Heat trap, for instance, is a bomb placed on the field that creates a large explosion when shot. It can be used to take out multiple enemies at once.

The Spark trap, meanwhile, is found in the lower areas of the battlefield. It activates at regular intervals and continuously damages enemies caught in them. Try to lead as many foes to the Spark trap to gain score multipliers.

The trickiest trap to use, however, is the Crane trap. It appears as a crane above the area that drops large chunks of ore on enemies below. It can be difficult to use since it requires you to time your shot so that the crane releases the chunk of ore at the right time to land on enemy Gigas.

Achievement Bonuses

You will get additional points for completing certain objectives within the mini game.

Title Objectives Bonus Points
All Traps Defeat an enemy with every type of trap. 35,000
Overchain Earn a high chain bonus. 400,000
Furious Fist Defeat multiple enemies with punches. 700,000
Blaster Ace Defeat multiple enemies with projectiles/shots. 550,000
Trap Wizard Defeat multiple enemies with traps. 1,000,000
Single Ride Complete the match without switching a Gigas even once. 2,000,000
Ride ‘Em All Defeat at least one enemy while aboard each type of Gigas.
Multi-Mash Defeat multiple enemies at the same time. 750,000
Ultimate Warrior Defeat the Golden Gigas without taking any damage. 3,000,000

High Score Rewards

Rank Reward
  • Focus Syphon + Strength Booster
  • Master Medal (all subsequent clears after the 1st)
B Master Medal
C Random Monster Drop

Centurion Trophy

To obtain the Centurion trophy, you must obtain a score of 12,000,000 points or higher.

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