Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Xemnas Boss Guide

A guide for fighting Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 3. Includes a list of his attacks and some tips on defeating the boss.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xemnas

How to defeat Kingdom Hearts 3’s Xemnas

Xemnas’ Attacks

Forward Rolling Glide Attack

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xemnas Attack 1

Xemnas jumps up into the sky, holding a lightsaber in each hand. He then rushes toward Sora while doing a forward roll. He does not change direction while moving.

Flying Spinning Slash

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xemnas Attack 2

While jumping, Xemnas swings his weapons to hit Sora and his allies.

Cross Slash

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xemnas Attack 3

Xemnas does a cross slash and an X-shaped crack appears inn the ground underneath him. The cross slash creates shockwaves that fly outward and damage Sora and his allies.

Rising Double Slash

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xemnas Attack 4

Xemnas does a quick combination which finishes with a midair rising slash. This is especially deadly if Sora jumps around him.

Thundaga Magic

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xemnas Attack 5

Four orbs appear around Xemnas and deal elemental magic damage depending on their color. Blue colored orbs mean that he is casting Thundaga.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xemnas Attack 6

These orbs expand when Sora or his allies touch them. This makes evading Xemnas’ attacks difficult.

Firaga Magic Attack

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xemnas Attack 7

Red orbs appear over Sora and company.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xemnas Attack 8

Afterward, the red orbs fall and deal moderate damage.

Strategy against Xemnas

Pay Attention to His Attack Pattern

Xemnas is one of the fastest bosses in the game. Although his slashing attacks are not that damaging individually, he can string them together to deal massive amounts of damage. As such, it is best to let him rush to you and study his attack patterns. This way, you can decide when to strike back and eventually defeat one of Organization XIII’s deadliest members.

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