Face the Frost Talus Side Quest Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Face the Frost Talus

Kicking off from the Tabantha Region, Face the Frost Talus pits you against the mini-boss to test your combat skills. By accomplishing the said feat, you will acquire a Silver Rupee.

To initiate this Side Quest, it requires that you have cleared the Main Quest Divine Beast Vah Medoh dungeon first. Look for the patrolling Rito Gesane on the first wooden bridge that leads to the village. He will require you to take out a Frost Talus.

Proceed to the heart of Hebra Mountains found at the North to arrive at Coldsnap Hollow. Follow the waypoint to reach the area. As you engage in combat, avoid coming into contact with the mini-boss as it can freeze you on your tracks. To minimize the chance of suffering from a frost, you have two options: either arm your Bow with fire ammunition or wield some fire-endowed melee weapons to whittle it down; or equip a full snowquill armor set with at least two upgrades from the Great Fairy to grant Freeze resistance, which permits you to wield non-fire weapons.

As you fell the abominable Frost Talus, report to Gesane to claim your reward – a Silver Rupee.

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