Mini-Game: Obstacle Course [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Mini-Game: Obstacle Course

Completing this Mini-Game successfully will reward you with an Extravagant Bridle after finishing under 1:30 and Extravagant Saddle after completing below 1:15.

To initiate this Mini-Game, head to Highland Stable and interact with Blynne while mounted on a horse. Although optional, you might want to consider fetching a mount with great stats. One example is the White Horse which you acquire by finishing the Side Quest The Royal White Stallion.

In order to complete this assignment, keep a close eye on your trajectory. It might take a couple of tries to master the path that you need to take. Once you finish the course under a minute and 30 seconds, you will obtain the Extravagant Bridle. If you manage to shave off a few more seconds and get it under a minute and 15, you will receive the Extravagant Saddle that pairs excellently with the Bridle.

Obstacle Course Tips

For each time you encounter an obstacle, make some adjustments in advance in order to position yourself parallel to the center of the horizontal bar, avoid making them at the last second as it will only do harm than good.

Do not jump above them too late or you will only accumulate more time. Mastery of your riding style is significant.

Shift your gears to the maximum galloping speed when faced with a long linear path or if there’s a huge room to maneuver. When faced with a demanding turn before or after the hurdle, maintain balance with the canter.

Last but not the least, carefully plan out the technique in advance. For example, if the next succeeding obstacle occurs on the left side, align yourself in advance. Cross diagonally from the right to reach for the next hurdle on your left. This will consequently allow you to jump over the center of the bar.

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  1. I have spent at least 5 hours on the horse race and still haven’t finished it yet. I went to ign to get help and the tips of doing it backwords is complete bull crap and I also tried soothing my horse like hell, but my horse still turns right and misses the target or stops in front of the target.Also people who are having trouble on the horse back archery should use a lynel bow if you can’t use the great falcon bow. Btw lynel are easy if you know how to deal with them and keep calm. If you are faced with a lynel use hearty food and perfect dodges.

  2. Take heed of the suggestion that it is not all about speed. A 5 star speed horse may be more difficult to get through the obstacle course than a 3 star. You can still get under 1 minute 15 seconds even with a 3 star speed horse. The stats of the horse I won with was 4-3-4 with my best time being 1 minute 12 seconds. I was getting frustrated with my 2-5-3 horse on the course, often barely getting 1 minute 45 seconds for a swift carrot.

    • I had the same problem. I had a five speed horse but I beat it in 1 minute and 53 seconds. I would recommend a slower horse that is easier to control.