Mini-Game: Shield-Surfing [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Mini-Game: Shield-Surfing

To access this Mini-Game Shield-Surfing, scale Hebra Mountains’ summit and locate Selmie’s Spot. By clearing the beginner course you will have gain permission to partake the advanced course. Finish the advanced course to claim your Royal Shield.

When you get to Selmi’s Spot, enter the wooden cabin and talk to Selmie. She will explain the Shield-Surfing challenge. To participate, you must pay 20 rupees.

Beginner Course

Your task is to shield-surf downwards the fairly straight path to arrive below a rocky bridge underneath the slope. Bear in mind that you need to complete this in under a minute in order to advance to the next course. By finishing the beginner course, Selmie will ask you a question, “shrug” so that you do not have to repeat the same course again.

Advanced Course – Fair Play

By fulfilling the requirements to pass the Beginner Course and have “shrugged,” you will be facing the Advanced Course. The difference between the advanced and beginner courses is that the track has been extended. Once you pass through the stone bridge, make a long careful turn before you descend down the trail to reach Sturnida Basin. Large flags are waiting for you by the finish line.

Advanced Course – Paraglider

This trick introduces a shortcut which passes down the slope West of Coldsnap Hollow, by Biron Snowshelf’s South. Get to the precipice which towers over Lake Kilsie, then use the Paraglider to reach the finish line. The last few yards might require some footwork however you may prefer to use any other method for so long as you cross the finish line. Best to remain on your shield as you go through the track as it is faster than sprinting majority of the time. In this manner, you should be able to finish the course within the set time and obtain the Royal Shield.

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  1. There is a Black Moblin just outside her door down the hill to the left who carries a Royal Shield… way easier to get, and it’s free.