Shee Vaneer Walkthrough [Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This article contains a guide on how to complete Shee Vaneer Shrine.

Shee Vaneer Walkthrough – Twin Memories

Similar to Shee Vanath Shrine, Shee Vaneer requires you to arrange the orbs in a specific way. If you’ve looked into the Shee Vanath walkthrough, the orbs have a specific arrangement in order to work.

After descending down the elevator, examine the orbs before you. Look familiar? That’s right, it’s the mirror image of the Shee Vanath shrine! Now, for the fancy arrangement – this will be done from left to right.

Grab the orb from the first row. Bring it then to the first slot on the fourth row. After that, grab the second orb from the third row and move it to the second row (same position). Get the orb from the fifth row, third receptacle and move it down one row onto the third  receptacle. When you do so, grab the orb from fifth receptacle on the fourth row. Transfer that orb to the fourth receptacle of the fifth row. From there, head to the second row from the pedestal and grab the orb from the second slot. Move it to the first row at the fifth receptacle.

So, if you look at the arrangement:

1st row: 5

2nd row: 2

3rd row: –

4th row: 1, 3

5th row: 4

When you complete this part, the iron bar opens. But don’t head in there just yet. Climb the stairs and head to the lift. Head to the top and hug the building. Using the paraglider, make your way to the small ledge that has a chest. Open the chest to get the Eightfold Longblade. Paraglide down and then head into the room that was blocked by the iron bars. Climb the ladder and when you make your way up, talk to Shee Vaneer and get your Spirit Orb.

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