Waterblight Ganon Boss Guide [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This page contains a guide on how to defeat Waterblight Ganon in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, including attack patterns and strategy.

Waterblight Ganon is a demonic creature with formidable control over water and ice. It is armed with a massive blue spear that has extremely long range, as well as projectile attacks that you will need to shoot down. It is fought in two phases.

Waterblight Ganon Boss Guide

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Attack Description
Spear Sweep Wide-area frontal sweep attack. Slow but has long reach.
Spear Thrust A standard spear thrust. Slow but has long range.
Spear Shockwave Wide AOE attack. Slow startup.
Hurl Ice Block Hurls a block of ice at the target. Can be shot down.
Spear Throw Throws spear at the target. Quick startup.
Teleport Morphs into a ball of water to move into a different position.


  • Eye


First Phase

Waterblight Ganon’s advantage is the wide reach it has with its spear, though it is quite slow to swing it. Its main form of attacks with its weapon is a wide spear sweep that goes left to right. Another is a spear thrust with moderate range that can be dodged to your side.

Waterblight Ganon’s main weakness is its eye, which is fairly difficult to hit from afar if you haven’t the best aim. If you can’t, you can manage with doing melee attacks on the eye when it stoops down and makes its head reachable. Just be careful when it starts to charge its AOE attack, indicated by its pointing its spear on the ground. Once it plunges it down, the area around it will explode, so be sure to get some good distance away from it.

Waterblight Ganon can also teleport by morphing itself into a ball of water.

Second Phase

When you get it to half its health, it will use its powers to change the condition of the arena. The ground will now turn to water, with only four floating platforms that allow you to attack it on stable ground.

In this phase, you’ll be extremely slow to move if you’re not on land. Waterblight Ganon will have also gained an Ice Block attack, similar to Vah Ruta earlier in the game. What you can do is to move at a platform away from the boss, then shoot down its Ice Blocks first before finally aiming for its eye. If you manage to hit it, it will fall to the water. Run up to it and attack it with a melee weapon while its helpless (be sure to attack it where the arrow indicates, as it is its weakness). When it gets back up again, wait for it to teleport to another area. Wait for it to attack first (if you’re quick enough at aiming, you can immediately shoot its eye), then land another shot to its eye. It will fall down again on the water for you to finish it off.


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  1. My no-arrow strategy (with only 3 hearts and Hyrulian armor) was to get timed-dodges on the first phase and follow up with melee attacks (takes 1.5 Flurries with Guardian swords). On the second phase, I used the slate and a sledgehammer. Easy with one block, when there are 5, you have to run around on the platform until one is left and repeat. Once the charge is ready, just swim over to get lance pokes in the water.

    When Ganon is trying to laser-beam you, you can either dodge until he stops, or eat one to the face and heal, hoping he’ll return to ice blocks. Should take 3 stages max for the 2nd part.