Zora Armor Guide [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Zora Armor

The Zora Armor is a body armor that Link can wear in Breath of the Wild. Said to be crafted carefully by Zora princesses for their future husband, the armor can help link swim faster and also swim up waterfalls.

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  • Defense rating: 3
  • Special Effects: Swim Speed Up, Swim Up Waterfalls

Where to get

  • Speak to the King at Zora’s Domain


This armor can be upgraded at the Great Fairy Fountain.

Upgrade Bonus Materials Needed
First Upgrade Defense +2 3 Lizalfos Horn
Second Upgrade Defense +3 5 Lizalfos Talon 5 Hyrule Bass
Third Upgrade Defense +4 ? ?
Final Upgrade ? ? ?

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