Zora Stone Monuments Side Quest Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Among the Lanayru Region Side Quests is Zora Stone Monuments. This is unlocked after completing the Main Quest Divine Beast Vah Ruta dungeon. By finding all the stone monuments, you will receive a diamond.

Zora Stone Monuments

To initiate this Side Quest, head to Zora’s domain and look for the Jiahto at the far end of the plaza which lies beneath the throne room. Jiahto will ask you to find 10 stone monuments scattered around Zora’s Domain. The Stone monument should look like the one near him.

Stone Monument Locations

First Stone Monument

Where to Find Divine Beast
Zodobon Highlands

This stone monument rests at the foot of the mountain in Zodobon Highlands. After purifying the Divine Beast Vah Ruta from Ganon’s blight, this is where the divine beast last stood.

Second Stone Monument

Where to Find Ledge
Oren Bridge

It towers at the far North of Oren Bridge along the ledge.

Third Stone Monument

Where to Find Path
Zora’s Domain

Situated along the path which points to Zora’s Domain, it lies in between Oren Bridge and Luto’s Crossing.

Fourth Stone Monument

Where to Find South Path
Luto’s Crossing

This stone monument stands slightly south of Luto’s Crossing, one way to reach this location is by using the Paraglider from the bridge.

Fifth Stone Monument

Where to Find Path
Ruto Mountain

It rests at the foot of Ruto Mountain before you climb the slope. The monument is found on the path heading to Zora’s Domain.

Sixth Stone Monument

Where to Find Summit
Ruto Mountain

Upon reaching the peak of the mountain, reach for the southern side by descending off of the precipice.

Seventh Stone Monument

Where to Find Bridge
Zora’s Domain

Before crossing the bridge to Zora’s Domain, it stands beside some trees on your right.

Eighth Stone Monument

Where to Find Shoreline
Ruto Lake

Still on the same bridge, inspect the West to find the stone monument at the coastline of Ruto Lake.

Ninth Stone Monument

Where to Find Ledge
Northwest bridge

It looms over the Northwest bridge of Zora’s Domain, atop a ledge.

Tenth Stone Monument

Where to Find Path
Ploymus Mountain

The last stone monument lies cradled at the foot of the final waterfall. The upland is found south of Lulu lake and leads to Ploymus Mountain peak.

After uncovering all the stone monument locations, report to Jiahto to obtain a diamond.

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