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Rise up the Brawl Stars ranks by joining Clubs Team up with friends and like-minded brawlers and battle other Clubs in friendly matches or win trophies in Ranked mode.
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Clubs are Brawl Stars’ version of a team or guild. Players join Clubs in order to have a team with their friends or other more skilled players. When in a Club, players can create a game room where they can invite other players to a friendly match or grind trophies and tokens in ranked matches.

Brawl Stars Club Window

Players in Clubs can also chat with their fellow Club members. Any player can join a Club, but Club Leaders can set a trophy requirement in order to screen Club member aspirants. They can also set the Club type to Open, Invite Only, or Closed. Clubs can have up to 100 members. A Club’s Trophy score is calculated using the individual Trophy counts of the Clubs’s members.

Beginner’s Guide
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  1. Hey, if you’re looking to join a club, join us at ‘huh pietae’!

    We’re a small club, but looking to break into the top 200 eventually!

    Club code: #YYLPGCJG

  2. Ich werde heute noch einen Club Namens Brawl Kings erstellen wer potenzial hat und sich das zu herzen nimmt kann gerne in meinen Club reinkommen .Ich erstelle ihn erst knapp 19:00.