Brawl Stars - Brawler Attack Types

A quick guide of the different Brawler attack types and their unique mechanics. Groups them together by characteristics to detail their differences.

Brawler attack types are categorized as basic attacks and super attacks. Brawlers can use their basic attacks so long as they have the necessary charges; super attacks only become available once a Brawler fills up their Super Meter by tagging enemies with their basic attacks.

The variety of weapons the Brawlers use make them hit their opponents in various ways, and we’ve categorized each Brawler attack type according to their range and their unique qualities.

Basic Attack Qualities


Brawl Stars Spreadshot Attack Type

As the name suggests, Brawlers whose basic attacks that spread out from a point are classified as spread shot attacks. This kind of Brawler attack type has other subtypes: projectile and shockwave. Generally, Brawlers with spread shot basic attacks are good at close to mid range fighting. However, there are some Brawlers who can dish out damage from a considerable distance with their spread as well.

Brawler Attack Type Description
Brawl Stars BullBull Spreadshot – Projectile Bull’s basic attack lacks range, but more than makes up for that in power. He needs to get close to opponents in order to maximize his damage. He is particularly strong against squishier opponents, so long as he gets in close.
Brawl Stars DarrylDarryl Spreadshot – Projectile Darryl uses a pair of double barreled shotguns. His basic attack can hit opponents up to mid-range, but his damage output is stronger if he is closer to his enemies.

Brawl Stars ShellyShelly

Spreadshot – Projectile Shelly uses a standard pump-action shotgun. Shelly’s basic attack can hit enemies up to mid-range, but her damage increases significantly if she tags an opponent at point blank range.

Brawl Stars FrankFrank

Spreadshot – Shockwave Frank’s basic attack lets him wind up a hammer strike that can tag enemies up to mid-range. It takes a bit longer to start and once it hits, the spread is a shockwave. It hits hard and can strike entire groups of enemies.

Brawl Stars PocoPoco

Spreadshot – Shockwave Poco has the lowest basic attack damage in the game. However, his basic attack expands quickly and passes through enemies. This helps his somewhat lackluster damage output as he supports his team.

Brawl Stars TaraTara

Spreadshot – Projectile Tara’s weapon of choice is a set of Tarot cards. She throws three cards at a time, sending them flying for quite a distance. Multiple of Tara’s cards can hit the same opponent for additional damage, but she needs proper positioning to do so.

Brawl Stars CrowCrow

Spreadshot – Projectile Crow throws three poisoned knives that deal poison damage over time to enemies hit. He can provide quite a bit of pressure in fights since his range is mid to long range and has a relatively quick reload timer.
Brawl Stars BoBo Spreadshot – Projectile Bo shoots three exploding arrows at long range. He always releases the arrows from left to right, Bo needing to move in order to control their trajectory. Bo can strafe from left to right to make his arrows shoot straight, or in one direction so that his arrows travel until they reach their range or hit a target in a staggered fashion.

Brawl Stars LeonLeon

Spreadshot – Projectile Leon fires four spinner blades in front of him, each dealing decent damage to enemies. These blades are shot in quick intervals, similar to the projectiles of Colt or Ricochet.
Brawl Stars PamPam Spreadshot – Projectile Pam uses her minigun to spew out scrap metal at her opponents. It has mid to long range and can hit a lot of enemies caught in the spread shot. She can also strafe left to right in order to get a better spread of bullets or to focus the scrap metal in a line. However, as far as she can hang with the long range hitters, she excels in mid-range combat more. The closer she is to her opponents, the more scrap metal they will intercept.

Straight Line

Brawl Stars Straight Line Attack Type

As the name implies, Straight Line attacks move directly forward from the attacker. Brawlers who attacks travel in a straight line are typically more suited for long-range combat and hit hard from a relatively safe distance.

Brawler Attack Type Description
Brawl Stars ColtColt Straight Line – Projectile Colt fires his two six-shooters in a straight line. Each bullet deals low damage on its own, but hitting your target with most or all of your bullets allows Colt to carve a ton of HP off them.

Brawl Stars NitaNita

Straight Line – Shockwave Nita’s basic attack travels forward as a wave of energy. It consistently deals medium damage and hits opponents from close to mid-range, piercing through any it hits.

Brawl Stars JessieJessie

Straight Line – Projectile Jessie’s basic attack lets her shoot an energy ball that travels a medium distance. What makes her attack unique is that it bounces off of a struck enemy to move toward another target. This makes Jessie a strong choice when playing in team games, since she can easily damage the whole enemy team with her attacks.

Brawl Stars BrockBrock

Straight Line – Projectile Brock’s rocket attacks has long range but travels a bit slowly. When the rockets reach their destination, they explode and splash enemies near its blast radius. The rockets deal more damage if they directly hit enemies.
Brawl Stars RicochetRicochet Straight Line – Projectile Ricochet is excellent at dishing out damage from a long distance. His basic attacks bounce off walls and other obstacles. This allows him to shoot and tag enemies who are hiding behind cover, so long as he angles his shots properly.

Brawl Stars PennyPenny

Straight Line – Projectile Penny’s basic attack is has a unique mechanic. She shoots a bag of gold which travels a medium distance. Upon hitting an opponent or turret, the bag explodes, scattering gold and further damaging enemies behind the target.

Brawl Stars SpikeSpike

Straight Line – Projectile Spike hurls a ball in a straight line. At the end of the trajectory, or when it hits an enemy or obstacle, it explodes and releases spikes in a circle that deal damage to enemies they hit.

Brawl Stars PiperPiper

Straight Line – Projectile Piper is Brawl Stars’ resident sniper. Her basic attacks have long range and deal more damage the further they go. As such, she can burst down enemies instantly from a comfortably safe distance.


Brawl Stars Lob Attack Type
Lobbers are Brawlers who lob or throw their weapon of choice in an arc onto opponents. This attack type allows Brawlers to toss their attacks over obstacles map and deal area of effect damage. This is great for flushing out enemies who are hiding in the brush or hitting enemies otherwise unreachable. One downside of lobbers, though, is that they are weak against Brawlers who manage to get close to them.

Brawler Attack Type Description
Brawl Stars BarleyBarley Lob – Projectile Barley hurls a bottle in an arc. When it hits the ground, it both deals damage and douses the area where it lands. Enemies who are caught in the doused area are further dealt damage until they get out. This attack is extremely useful when trying to secure key areas in team matches the Gem Mine or Safe.

Brawl Stars DynamikeDynamike

Lob – Dynamite Dynamike throws two sticks of dynamite which explode after a brief pause for massive damage. Both sticks of dynamite have a good blast radius which make his attacks strong against enemies who like to clump together


Brawl Stars Melee Attack Type
Melee heroes have to attack heroes directly in front of them rather than any at a distance. They will have to rely on cunning or hefty defensive stats to get into striking range.

Brawler Attack Type Description
Brawl Stars El PrimoEl Primo Melee El Primo punches his opponents four times. His damage is exceptional but he needs to get really close to his targets. He also has one of the quickest reload timers for his basic attacks, allowing him to make mince meat out of enemies he gets close to.
Brawl Stars MortisMortis Melee Mortis utilizes his quick strikes to dart in and out of combat. He is very mobile compared to other Brawlers and his basic attacks allow him to dash towards or away from enemies.

Super Attack Qualities

Super Attacks is an empowered ability that Brawlers can use once they filled up their Super meter. Each Brawler has their own unique Super Attack, all of which have the potential to sway the match to their favor. Here’s the list of the different types of Super Attacks and their various mechanics:

Special Shot

Brawlers who fall under this category fire a special projectile in a similar manner to their basic attack.


Brawlers who can jump or run through obstacles fall into this category. Movement Super Attacks can be extremely useful for both offensive and defensive purposes.


Brawlers who summon a contraption to aid their team into this category. This includes Jessie, Pam, and Penny, who summon either a turret for offense or defense.


Brawlers such as Nita and Leon have unique Super Attacks. Nita summons a bear that pursues the nearest target to attack. Meanwhile, Leon’s Super Attack gives him invisibility which allows him to scout the map and stalk enemies.

Brawler Attack Type Description
Brawl Stars ShellyShelly Special Shot Shelly shoots a powerful shotgun blast, blowing away obstacles like walls and brush. This is an extremely strong super attack, especially when she manages to get close to an opponent.
Brawl Stars ColtColt Special Shot Colt lets out a barrage of bullets that are larger than his basic attacks. These bullets can destroy walls and obstacles and have longer range than his basic attacks. This allows Colt to further bring pain at a safe distance.

Brawl Stars NitaNita

Other Nita summons the spirit of Big Baby Bear onto a target area. Once it lands, Big Baby Bear appears and looks for the nearest opponent to relentlessly chase.

Having Big Baby Bear on the battlefield is a big bonus for Nita, since her bear companion can tank damage for her and help fish out hiding enemies.

Brawl Stars BoBo

Special Shot Bo lays down a couple of bomb traps in an area. Those traps go unseen until an enemy walks over them. After a few seconds, it explodes, dealing massive damage to enemies who cannot move away from the blast zone.

Bo’s Super Attack is especially useful in team matches when he places his bombs in key areas such as in the middle of a battlefield or somewhere where most opponents are huddled together.

Brawl Stars JessieJessie

Turret Jessie quickly constructs a turret at a target location. The turret will attack enemies who get close to its firing range.

This is exceptionally effective when placed in the brush or somewhere where the opposing brawlers cannot hit it back. When placed in a strategic position, Jessie’s Turret can put even more pressure against opponents and swing the match in Jessie’s favor.

Brawl Stars BrockBrock

Special Shot Brock bombards an area with a cluster of rockets, dealing massive damage and destroying obstacles.

This is especially effective since he can shoot the cluster rockets from a safe distance. This is good for taking out enemies or clearing away cover from the battlefield.

Brawl Stars BullBull

Movement Bull charges in a straight line, destroying walls and trampling down opponents.

Bull’s Super Attack can be crucial when it comes to securing objectives in team matches likes Heist or Gem Grab or quickly avoiding enemies in Showdown. The ground he covers when using Bull Rush allows him to escape sticky situations that other Brawlers cannot. Offensively, Bull use Bull Rush to surprise enemies, carry them towards walls before taking them down with a Basic Attack or two.

Brawl Stars DynamikeDynamike Special Shot Dynamike’s Big Barrel o’ Boom Super Attack deals massive damage against opponents, destroys terrain, and knocks back enemies who are close to the blast radius.

A well-placed Big Barrel o’ Boom often spells doom for any opponents too close to the blast zone. This can be used either to destroy huge areas of cover or heavily damage enemies.

Brawl Stars El PrimoEl Primo Movement El Primo jumps into the air and lands on a targeted area, dealing damage to enemies, knocking them back, and destroying any terrain he lands on.

El Primo’s Super Attack can be used both offensively and defensively. If a player knows where the opponents are hiding, they can use Elbow Drop and deal a nice chunk of damage. This can lead to a quick clean up courtesy of El Primo’s lightning quick punches.

Defensively, El Primo can use his Super Attack to get away from fights and reposition himself. He can jump over obstacles like walls or bodies of water before running to safety.

Brawl Stars PocoPoco Special Shot Poco’s super attack sends out a wave of healing energy that can pull Poco or his team mates up from the brink. Poco is an excellent choice in team matches, especially if you plan on outwitting the enemy team.

Poco’s Super Attack lets him heal himself and others which can really catch opponents off guard. He can bait enemies into rushing towards him at low health, healing, and then attacking the enemy with refreshed health..

Brawl Stars BarleyBarley Special Shot Barley carpet bombs an area with exploding bottles. The area is then doused with burning liquid that deals damage to enemies who stay in the zone.

Last Call makes Barley a good support Brawler in team matches. He can chuck his flaming bottles onto the battlefield from behind cover to deny areas of the map from the enemies. Conversely, he can use the bottles to greatly increase his team’s damage in a fight..

Brawl Stars PennyPenny Turret Penny deploys Old Lobber, her cannon. Once it becomes operational, it will target opponents that are within its firing range and begin shooting cannonballs at them in a long arc. The cannonballs deal a good amount of damage but are relatively slow.

Penny’s cannon allows her to set up a perimeter for her team. The cannon’s firing rate is somewhat slow, but when paired with Penny’s basic attacks, can put pressure on opponents and make it very difficult for them to move or fight.

Brawl Stars RicochetRicochet Special Shot Ricochet fires a multitude of bouncing bullets at a faster rate and a longer range. This allows him to exert more pressure against opponents, especially those near walls.

Trick Shot can be used at a fairly long distance, which makes him harder to take out once he zeroes onto your location. Trick Shot’s bullets also pass through enemies they hit, allowing Ricochet to hit multiple opponents.

Brawl Stars DarrylDarryl Movement Darryl’s Barrel Roll lets him cover ground quickly. He will also bounce off walls and hit opponents for a fair amount of damage.

Barrel Roll can be used both offensively and defensively. On offense, he can bum rush opponents, get close to them, and blast them with his basic attacks. Defensively, he can use Barrel Roll to get away from potential threats or to safeguard his team’s gems in Gem Grab.

Brawl Stars FrankFrank Special Shot Frank’s Super Attack deals massive damage in an area in front of him. However, just like his basic attack, it needs a bit of a wind up. Take note where your enemies are and hide in bushes. Once you see them, wind up your Super Attack to stun them and finish them off.

Frank’s Super Attack destroys walls, so take note if you spot your opponents hiding behind a wall. In team matches, his Super Attack is essential to insta-kill enemies since the stun has a fairly long duration, allowing your teammates to capitalize.

Brawl Stars PiperPiper

Movement Piper jumps towards a target location and drops three bombs along the way. Poppin’ is a good escape mechanism, as she can jump over walls whenever she uses this.

The bombs are a good way to punish enemies who tried to jump Piper. Each bomb deals decent damage, and in certain situations, Piper can turn around and shoot her damaged pursuers from a safe distance after landing.

Brawl Stars PamPam Turret Pam places a turret at the target location. Once placed, it radiates a healing aura that heals Pam and her allies when nearby.

Mama’s Kiss allows her to soak damage even further since as long as she is within the turret’s area, she is continuously healed. Mama’s Kiss is exceptionally strong in team fights, especially when your team is trying to secure a vital area.

Brawl Stars MortisMortis Special Shot Life Blood allows Mortis to drastically replenish his HP, so long as he hits a multiple enemies. Life Blood has a good range and can pass through walls, giving him ample chances to hit opponents and heal himself.
Brawl Stars TaraTara Special Shot Tara throws a card that sucks in opponents after a couple of seconds. It then detonates, dealing massive damage and pushes the sucked enemies a good distance away.

Gravity can be used in a variety of ways. Offensively, she can throw it at areas where opponents cannot avoid it. Once they get sucked in, she can pummel them with her basic attack and the final explosion will finish them off.

Defensively, she can place this near herself to dissuade pursuers from chasing her further. Those who try are pulled towards the card and are then at the mercy of Tara’s basic attacks.

Brawl Stars CrowCrow

Movement Crow’s Super Attack lets him jump a long distance to a target location. He throws poisoned daggers radially before he jumps and after he lands. Furthermore, while he’s airborne, he is immune to damage.

Swoop makes Crow a great Brawler for players who like to run and gun. It makes him highly mobile and allows him to finish off low health enemies.

Brawl Stars LeonLeon

Other Leon’s Smoke Bomb grants him invisibility for 10 seconds. This allows him to sneak up on enemies and finish them off with a burst of damage. Using a basic attack while invisible will result in Leon losing his invisibility immediately. However, getting Gems in Gem Grab or a Power Cube in Showdown while invisible will make him visible for a short period. Furthermore, Nita’s Bear, Jessie’s Turret, and Pam’s Cannon cannot target Leon if he’s invisible.

Brawl Stars SpikeSpike

Special Shot Spike lobs a projectile at a location, a cactus patch sprouting where it lands. Enemies in the area are dealt damage and have their movement speed severely hindered until they get out. Stick Around is best used against enemies clumped together or when trying to corner opponents. The movement debuff is strong and leaves affected enemies vulnerable to follow up attacks.

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