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An overview to the various currencies in Brawl Stars. We detail each currency, how to obtain them, and what they are used for.
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Brawl Stars Currencies


There are a number of currencies used within Brawl Stars, to the point where it can be difficult to understand what they are all for. We’ll go over each, explaining how that they are obtained and how they are used.


Gold is one of the currencies that players will come across the most. It is always awarded in Brawl Boxes and can be additionally purchased in the store with gems. Gold is used to either buy daily amounts of Power Points or to level up any Brawlers that have reached the required number of Power Points. Players who focus completely on a handful of heroes will find themselves very rarely hard up for gold. Conversely, those wanting to build up the full roster of Brawlers will find themselves regularly looking forward to their next Brawl Box for gold.

Brawl Stars Gold


Gems are the game’s premium currency, mainly obtained with real-world cash. That said, players can occasionally receive small amounts of gems as Brawl Box bonuses. Gems can be used to purchase Brawl Boxes, skins, Brawlers that show up in the daily specials, or even gold.

Brawl Stars Gems


Tickets are a special type of currency that are either purchased with gems or won in Brawl Boxes. These are staked at the beginning of Robo Rumble or Boss Battle matches. The more tickets that a player stakes at the beginning of the match, the bigger their reward for completing the match. Confident players can use these to gain high amounts of tokens very quickly. If their skills match up to their confidence, that is.


Players win tokens by completing matches, ranking up a Brawler, leveling up their account, or by completing special event matches like Boss Battle or Robo Rumble. Despite their many ways of acquisition, tokens have a single purpose: obtaining Brawl Boxes. Every time that a player gathers 100 tokens, they are rewarded with a Brawl Box!

Brawl Stars Token Brawl Stars Safe Brawl Stars Token

Star Tokens

Star Tokens are very similar to Tokens, except that players can only obtain one per game mode per day. Players only have to collect ten Star Tokens before obtaining their reward though and get a Big Brawl Box rather than a normal one.

Brawl Stars Big Key Brawl Stars Big Safe Brawl Stars Big Key
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