Brawl Stars - Tara Strategies Guide

A guide to Brawl Stars' Tara. We go over the Brawler's strengths, weaknesses, and strategies in each of the game's modes.

Brawl Stars Tara


Tara is a team-focused Brawler who can gather enemies into a group before blowing them away. This is done with her Gravity super attack, which draws enemies toward a point before exploding. However, she doesn’t have the best single-target burst damage potential and will not fair well when trying to go toe-to-toe with her enemies.


  • Very Good in Team Events – Tara’s attacks are excellent when dealing with groups of enemies. Her Triple Tarot pierces through enemies to hit all in range. This is especially powerful after enemies have been gathered with Gravity.
  • Useful Super Attack– Gravity not only works to punish enemies for clumping up but also allows Tara to escape from close range Brawlers that might be gaining on her. Tara can also use Gravity to pull enemies in while her teammates follow up with their own super attacks to finish them off.


  • Squishy – Despite having to get right up on her opponents to damage them effectively, Tara is a bit lacking in health. This can leave her very vulnerable when attacking, so players will need to be careful.

General Attack Strategy

Basic Attack Effect
Brawl Star Tara AttackTriple Tarot Tara flicks her wrist, snapping off three tarot cards that can pierce through enemies. Quite the trick!
  • Since Triple Tarot allows Tara to reliably hit multiple enemies, she can charge her Super Attack more quickly than most Brawlers. Having her Super Attack ready furthers her advantage against mobs to either damage or run away from them in a match.
  • Note that Triple Tarot’s three cards fan out while travelling. This means that auto-aiming should only be used when extremely close to an enemy, if at all. You should be using manual aim the vast majority of the time.
Super Attack Effect
Brawl Stars Tara Super AttackGravity Tara conjures up a mind-boggling gravity well! Enemies in the area of effect get pulled in, crashing together painfully hard.
  • Gravity can help Tara pull away from enemy Brawlers if she drops it behind her as she’s being pursued. The portal will suck in enemies, potentially slowing them down as they give chase to Tara.
  • Gravity can also be used to pull multiple enemies towards Tara, allowing her to pepper them with her cards and thus quickly recharging Gravity again for another Super Attack cycle.

Game Mode Strategies

Gem Grab

Gravity can be used to prevent the enemy team from grabbing gems scattered across the map, in addition to helping her team have an easier time bursting as much of them down since it holds them together for a period. This makes Tara a very good choice Gem Grab.


  • Solo – Tara will mainly have a rougher than other Brawlers in Showdown because of her focus on AoE damage. She will do best ambushing fights and picking off brawlers who have already engaged with each other. Just be careful when near bushes, as enemies can be well aware of Tara’s difficulties in this mode.
  • Duo – Gravity allows Tara to set up her enemies for quick elimination, making her a good buddy to be paired with. Enemy teams will also almost always attack in tandem, allowing Tara to land shots reliably and charge Gravity quickly.


Tara can struggle in Heist, as she simply can’t burst down the safe as quickly as other Brawlers. Your best strategy is to try and pick off enemy brawlers to allow your teammates to destroy the safe to win the game.


Tara is a decent choice in Bounty, though will have to be careful of ambush. You should play to her strengths by targeting bunched up opponents to cut them all down quickly and charge Gravity as soon as you can. Use the tall grass to your advantage to maneuver around and surprise enemies.

Brawl Ball

Tara performs very well in Brawl Ball as Gravity is good for disrupting the enemy team as they rush the ball. Pepper enemies gathering around the ball with Triple Tarot before devastating them with Gravity.

Big Game

Tara offers a bit of utility in Big Game by being able to slow and control the Boss Brawler with Gravity. Conversely, she makes a fantastic Boss Brawler herself. Her spread damage can damage the entire attacking enemy force before Gravity devastates them.

Robo Rumble

Tara performs decently in Robo Rumble since her attacks, while not the strongest, can help the team manage multiple targets. The boss robo can also be hit multiple times due to its large hitbox.

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