Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Foggy Swamp Bonus Dungeon Walkthrough

A walkthrough and guide for Foggy Swamp bonus dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. Included are all treasure chest locations, obtainable equipment scrolls, artifacts, materials, enemies encountered, and boss strategies.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered - Foggy Swamp Walkthrough

Foggy Swamp


Original Dungeon Conall Curach
Availability Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Difficulty ★★★★★★
Memory Crystals Donny Myrce (Male Lilty)
Boss Green Dragon

Treasure Chest Locations

Locations Possible Items
Near the dungeon entrance
West square along the west wall of the first map
A little to the west of the location above
In the middle of the west square of the first area
In the second area near the entrance on the left
In the second area near the first raft on the right
On the south island in the second area
On the north island in the second area
Head straight from the second area exit
On the road between the island in the third area
On the third island from the exit (lower left of the Ochu) in the third area

Obtainable Items

Foggy Swamp Scrolls

Name Location
Fairy Spear Scroll
Evergreen Spear Scroll
Belt of Glory Scroll

Foggy Swamp Materials

Name Location
Hope Fragment
Rainbow Scroll

Foggy Swamp Artifacts

Name Location
Loaded Dice
Giant’s Glove


Enemy Weaknesses Resistances
Sahagin (Black)
Lizardman (Red)
Petit Toad
Ochu (Purple)


1 After entering the dungeon, follow the road going north to reach the second area.
2 In the first fork, head right. Make another right at the next fork.
3 When you come to the third fork, go left. Head right at the next and take the north path at the  next fork after that.
4 Choose the path on the right at the last fork and press on to reach the third area.
5 Move north to the boss area.

Tips and Strategies

Defeating Green Dragon

Be sure to use equipment with poison and stone resistance when facing the Green Dragon. Upon engaging the boss, bombard it with Firaga and Holy or use focus attacks after it recovers from its frontal bite attack. Do not hesitate to pull back if you need to heal. Unlike the Zombie Dragon, the Green Dragon will not have minions fighting alongside it. This gives you a bit more room to move around with your attention focused only on the boss.

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