Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Moonlit Desert Bonus Dungeon Walkthrough

A walkthrough and guide for Moonlit Desert bonus dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. Included are all treasure chest locations, obtainable equipment scrolls, artifacts, materials, enemies encountered, and boss strategies.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered - Moonlit Desert Walkthrough

Moonlit Desert


Original Dungeon Lynari Desert
Availability Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Difficulty ★★★★★★
Memory Crystals Alan Gyle (Male Lilty)
Boss Antlion

Treasure Chest Locations

Locations Possible Items
Near the dungeon entrance
By the shadow of the large bone along the wall to the left of the entrance
Dead end north of the first area
Southeast of the dilapidated house
Southeast edge of the first area
East side of the second area
West of the second area
Dead end east of the boss area

Obtainable Items

Moonlit Desert Scrolls

Name Location
Sealing Weapon Scroll
Famed Weapon Scroll
Gauntlet of Glory Scroll
Cane of Enlightenment Scroll

Moonlit Desert Materials

Name Location
Gold Needle
Dusk Sand

Moonlit Desert Artifacts

Name Location
Gravity Ring
Thunder Ring
Giant’s Glove
Chicken Knife
Double Axe
Wonder Bangle


Enemy Weaknesses Resistances
Skeleton (Blue)
Jumbo Cactuar
Flower Cactuar
Mini Cactuar
Ice Bomb


1 After entering the dungeon, proceed along the east wall until you reach a wide clearing.
2 Go east and cross over to the quicksand. Proceed along the path going north to the second area.
3 Follow the path going to the boss area and defeat the Mini Cactuars, Flower Cactuars, and Jumbo Cactuars.
4 Defeat the Antlion.

Tips and Strategies

Defeating Antlion

The Antlion will be accompanied by a Cactuar that will constantly pummel you with Blizzara. Equip ice-resistant gear to mitigate as much damage from it and the boss as much as possible. Take out the Cactuar first so you can focus on the boss alone afterwards.

When the Cactuar is down, unload on the boss with Firaga, Holy, and focus attacks by positioning yourself behind it. Relocate when it faces your direction and continue pressing on the offense until it is defeated.

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