Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - All Artifact Locations and Special Conditions

Guide on artifacts and special condition bonuses in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. Included are an overview and details on artifacts and special conditions.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - All Artifact Locations and Special Conditions


What are artifacts?

Artifacts are treasures that provide a boost in one of your stats or HP. Boosts may go as low as +1 to as high as +10. Artifacts may also provide other upgrades like increasing heart cap, an extra command slot, or bless you with a spell.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - All Artifact Locations and Special Conditions

Artifacts are split into two types: the artifacts that you pick up in dungeons and the ones that you can keep. The former only take effect when you’re inside a dungeon and will disappear after you defeat the dungeon boss. Whereas the latter is given to every caravan member after completing the dungeon. You can store up to four at a time.

You can keep an artifact after completing the dungeon which means you need to clear the boss and collect myrrh.

All Artifact Locations

Number indicates the cycle. After completing a dungeon, you need to obtain 5 drops of myrrh to get to the next cycle.


Name Effect Where to obtain
Ashura Str +1 Tida Village (1)
Double Axe Str +1 River Belle Path (1)
Engetsurin Str +1 Daemon’s Court (1)
Fang Charm Str +1 Daemon’s Court (1)
Flametongue Str +2 Mount Kilanda (1)
Gekkabijin Str +5 Moschet Manor (Boss)
Giant’s Glove Str +3 Mount Kilanda (1)
Green Beret Str +1 Mushroom Forest (1)
Heavy Armband Str +3 Daemon’s Court (2)
Ice Brand Str +2 Tida (1)
Kaiser Knuckles Str +1 Tida (1)
Loaded Dice Str +2 Conall Curach (1)
Maneater Str +1 River Belle Path (1)
Masamune Str +5 Mount Kilanda (Boss)
Masquerade Str +3 Daemon’s Court (2)
Mjollnir Str +3 Selepation Cave (2)
Murasame Str +4 Mine of Cathuriges (Boss)
Ogrekiller Str +2 Tida (1)
Onion Sword Str +1 Veo Lu Sluice (3)
Power Wristband Str +1 >Veo Lu Sluice (1)
Sasuke’s Blade Str +3 River Belle Path (3)
Shuriken Str +1 River Belle Path (1)
Twisted Headband Str +2 Veo Lu Sluice (1)


Name Effect Where to obtain
Aegis Def +5 Daemon’s Court (Boss)
Black Hood Def +2 Lynari Desert (2)
Buckler Def +1 River Belle Path (1)
Chicken Knife Def +3 Kilanda (2)
Drill Def +1 Veo Lu Sluice (1)
Elven Mantle Def +2 Rebena Te Ra (1)
Helm of Arai Def +2 Tida (1)
Main Gauche Def +2 Ve Lu Sluice (1)
Rat’s Tail Def +2 Ve Lu Sluice (2)
Ring of Protection Def +4 Selepation Cave (Boss)
Save the Queen Def +4 River Belle Path (Boss)
Silver Spectacles Def +1 River Belle Path (1)
Sparkling Bracer Def +1 Tida (1 and 2)
Teddy Bear Def +2 Lynari Desert (2)
Wonder Bangle Def +3 River Belle Path (3)


Name Effect Where to obtain
Book of Light Mag +1 Veo Lu Sluice (1)
Candy Ring Mag +1 Tida Village (1)
Cat’s Bell Mag +1 Selepation Cave (1)
Dark Matter Mag +5 Tida (3)
Dragon’s Whisker Mag +1 River Belle Path (1)
Faering Ring Mag +1 Tida (1)
Galatyn Mag +7 Goblin Wall (Boss)
Gold Hairpin Mag +5 Daemon’s Court (2)
Kris Mag +3 Veo Lu Sluice (1)
Mage Masher Mag +1 River Belle Path (1)
Mage’s Staff Mag +5 Daemon’s Court (2 and 3)
Noah’s Lute Mag +5 Kilanda Islands (1)
Red Slippers >Mag +3 Conall Curach (1)
Ribbon Mag +9 Rebena Te Ra (Boss)
Rune Bell Mag +3 Rebena Te Ra (2)
Rune Staff Mag +1 Moschet Manor (1)
Sage’s Staff Mag +3 Kilanda (1)
Silver Bracer Mag +1 River Belle Path (1)
Taotie Motif Mag +7 Veo Lu Sluice (Boss)
Tome of Ultima Mag +10 Conall Curach (Boss)
Winged Cap Mag +1 Tida (1)
Wonder Wand Mag +3 Tida (1)

Command Slot

Name Effect Where to obtain
Chocobo Pocket CS +1 Tida (1)
Gobble Pocket CS +1 Lynari Desert (1), Conall Curach
Moogle Pocket CS +1 River Belle Path (1)
Ultimate Pocket CS +1 Catheriges Mine (Boss)

Heart Pendant

Name Effect Where to obtain
arth Pendant Heart +1 Mushroom Forest (1)
Moon Pendant Heart +1 Veo Lu Sluice (1)
Star Pendant Heart +1 Conall Curach, Lynari Desert, Mount Kilanda
Sun Pendant Heart +1 Lynari Desert (Boss)

Magicite Ring

Having magicite rings will save you the trouble of relying on magicite. Magicite rings have a chance to spawn from dungeons. They either come from chests or drop from bosses.

Name Effect Where to obtain
Blizzard Ring Mag +1, Blizzard Veo Lu Sluice
Cure Ring Mag +1, Cure Conall Curach
Fire Ring Mag +1, Fire Mounta Kilanda
Life Ring Mag +1, Life Conall Curach (Boss)
(After 3 or more tries)
Thunder Ring Mag +1, Thunder Selepation Cave

Special Conditions

A special condition is a hidden challenge that cannot be viewed through normal means. Special condition can either be a secret mission which can involve uncovering items. It can also be a restriction which prevents you from using certain actions in battle. A special condition is similar to an artifact since it also triggers each time you enter a dungeon.

Bonus Point List

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