Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Lynari Desert Walkthrough


A complete main story walkthrough of Lynari Desert in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. Included are main story locations, obtainable items, Moogle Stamps, artifacts, enemies, and boss strategies.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered - Lynari Desert Walkthough

Lynari Desert


Area Lynari Desert
Year 5
Moogle Stamps 1
Bosses 1

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Moogle Stamp Behind the chest near the spot where you fought the pair of Cactuar.

Lynari Desert Scrolls

Scroll Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3
Goggle Techniques
Gold Armor
Hero’s Weapon
Radiant Armor

Lynari Desert Materials

Material Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3
Chimera’s Horn
Desert Fang
Zu’s Beak

Lynari Desert Artifacts

Artifact Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3
Black Hood
Teddy Bear
Gobble Pocket
Star Pendant
Sun Pendant


Enemy Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3
Electric Scorpion
Rock Scorpion
Sand Sahagin
Skeleton Mage

Lynari Desert

Starting area

1 Head north while sticking close to the east side.
2 Follow the path west and then trail behind the west wall.
3 Open the chest and then keep going north to find the platform smoothen.
4 Go around and follow the path back down.
5 When you reach the crossroads, head to the east and keep going to find a chest.
6 Go back to the intersection and then proceed to the opposite side (west path).
7 Remove the pair of cacti.
8 When the coast is clear, look behind the enemies for a chest.
9 Inspect the back of the chest to find a nest.


1 Return to where you circled the elevated platform and then take the path south.
2 The path is linear, keep going to come across a vortex.
3 After entering the vortex, you will be taken to the bottom right side.
4 Open the nearby chest and then take on some enemies.
5 Continue north and stick to the east wall to reach another chest.

Finding the other treasures

1 From the last chest, you can find the remaining to the west side.
2 One is to the upper left while the other is to the left.

Decipher the puzzle

1 You need to have access to the following spells: the three elemental spells, holy, and gravity.
2 If you don’t have all of these yet, you can backtrack here after obtaining them later in the story.
3 For the puzzle, approach the northmost to reach a pair of large rocks.
4 From the west, continue south to find a row of cacti.
5 Use lightning on the big cactus.
6 Head east to reach the wall up north to get to the settlement.
7 Use Gravity.
8 Head south a little beyond the pair of sand falls.
9 Scan the stones using examine and then use a fire spell on the correct one.
10 Return all the way to the cactus you used a spell on.
11 Head south to find some rocks.
12 Use an ice spell in the following order: small, medium, large.
13 Return to the southwest side and search for a towering pink flower.
14 Use Holy on it.
15 Place the chalice on top of it.

Detour Continued

1 From the westmost side, with the chalice in place, keep going to the west wall up north.
2 Enter the vortex on the spot where the platform smoothens to warp to the bottom right edge.
3 Hug the east wall going north.
4 Enter another vortex close to the opened chest.


1 Go north and then climb up the slope to the right.
2 Break the pair of cactus and head up the corner.
3 Ignore the hot spots you come across.
4 Keep going to find a cactus. Break it to release the items.
5 Continue along the north path until you reach an arch.
6 Make a left and then hug the north wall for a chest.
7 Return and then head past the path with the arch.
8 Tread carefully since there’s a Chimera prowling about.
9 When the enemy is far from the arch, go through and continue west.
10 Swing by the south end to find a chest.
11 Destroy more cacti and then march south, ignoring the hot spot, to reach another chest.
12 Return north and then follow the path that leads west.
13 Ignore another hot spot and then break more cacti to reach the next zone.

Chasm Continued

1 Go around the mound until you can’t continue further.
2 Break the cactus to score an item.
3 Return to the site with the mound and then head down the slope.
4 Battle the Antlion.

Port Tipa

1 After you claim the reward and check the letter, go to Leuda.
2 Board the ship to Port Tipa.
3 Head north to get to Mushroom Forest to explore new areas.

Tips and Strategies

Going back to the previous zone

After reaching the chasm, you can head back to the previous area by taking the south portal.

Sneaking past the Chimera

You can make a pitstop back past the arch if you need to patch up.

Defeating the Antlion

Use low level spells for fast cast times. Ideally, you need to cycle between attacking and dodging attacks. With low level spells, you can achieve more hits without putting yourself at risk of being open to the boss or the minions that come after you.

Antlion Boss Guide

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