Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Lizard Queen Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for Lizard Queen (Hard) in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition, including boss stats, attacks, and strategy for defeating it in the game.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Lizard Queen Boss Guide

Boss Battle Guide for Lizard Queen (Hard)

The Lizard Queen is a post-game boss that can be encountered in Afternoon Court. She appears as a large upright lizard armed with a bowgun and a spear.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Lizard Queen Boss Guide

Afternoon Fort Walkthrough

Lizard Queen Information

Here is a breakdown of the boss’ strengths and weaknesses, stats, and skills:

Lizard Queen Stats

Target Areas Body only
Weaknesses Holy Element
Other Rewards* King’s Scale

*To be determined

Lizard Queen Attacks and Moves

Attack / Move Attack/Move Effect
Normal Attack Lizard Queen charges her left arm and then stabs you with the spear. He executes ther attack if you move too close to him. The move can be dodged by sidestepping.
Rain of Arrows Lizard Queen uses the the bowgun arm and fires many arrows. The projectiles covers a wide area when it lands. You can move on the space between the arrows. If you’re closer to him, you may also opt to approach her rear to dodge them. In future cycles, the projectiles become elemental attacks which can either be fire or ice depending on the cycle. In hard mode, the attack will be launched at a higher speed.
Whirl The boss spins hitting you with the spikes covering her armor. The animation is very fast and tends to appear if you stay near him. When it connects, you’ll be knocked back and become stunned.

Lizard Queen Strategies

Here is a breakdown of the battle strategies against the boss:

Defeat the minions

The boss is accompanied by minions like the coeurl and lamia that can cast Stop. Take out the coeurls and spare some of the lamia if you wish. The latter will come in handy for some additional damage to the boss.

Keep some of the enemies alive

Lamia patrols the outer layer and snipe you with attacks. Notice the switches on both ends of the arena. When pressed, the switches will activate a trap that causes damage on whoever stands in its path. You can opt to spare some of these lami to handle the trap for you. Since the boss has high durability, you’ll need all the damage you can get and the trap counts for extra damage.

Take off to the side

The boss makes use of either the lance he wields or her ranged bowgun. Study the boss’ pattern and play around it with your own. If he prepares one arm, rush to the opposite side quickly to land some attacks.

Many of her attacks can be dealt by baiting him to attack and then taking off to her side where he will be temporarily open to physical attacks. Make your attacks swift because if you take long to back up, she can retaliate and stun you. Again, don’t avoid the attacks by moving back since she can hit your with a bowgun much quicker.

Use Holy Attacks or Focus Attacks

Make use of holy attacks or focus to deal damage to the boss. Measure which attack deals more damage and commit on using it until the end.

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