Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Grooming Moogle Guide

A guide on grooming Moogle in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remasted Edition, including how to trim or grow out Moogle's hair, painting him, and their effects in battle.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Grooming Moogle Guide

Grooming Moogle Guide

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Grooming Moogle Guide

When playing on Single Player mode, you will be accompanied by a peculiar companion called Moogle. Your winged friend will aid you in battle by carrying the Crystal Chalice that wards off the miasma as you explore dungeons, forests, and other areas filled with enemies.

Outside of combat, it is important to attend to groom Moogle to improve his performance as an ally. This can be done upon entering a Moogle nest.

All Moogle Nest Locations

Trim Moogle’s Hair

You should trim Moogle’s hair if you are going to an area with a warm climate. Doing so prevents Moogle from being tuckered out too quickly because of the heat, preventing him from carrying the Crystal Chalice for you. Areas such as Mount Kilanda and the Lynari Desert are considered hot areas so be sure to give Moogle a good trim before heading out to these location.

Grow Moogle’s Hair

Growing Moogle’s hair, meanwhile, is recommended if you plan on setting off to cold locations, particularly dungeons. The consequences of Moogle being cold is similar to him being hot and he will not be much use in battle.

The cold areas in the game are Tida, Selepation Cave, Veo Lu Sluice, Conall Curach, Reben Te Ra, and Mount Vellenge.

Painting Moogle’s Hair

Upon entering a Moogle nest, Moogle will stand by the fireplace and ask you to paint him using one of three different colors. Painting him results in him casting magic of a specific element based on the color you used. Additional data will also be displayed after painting Moogle.

Color Magic Cast Additional Data Displayed
White (no paint) Random Map
Red Fire Monsters Locator
Blue Blizzard Chests Locator
Green Thunder Scouter

Note that the paint used on Moogle wears off after clearing a dungeon so you will have to reapply it from time to time to keep the effects active.

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