Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Miasma Stream Guide

A guide on how to pass through Miasma Streams in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. Included are the basic mechanics of Maisma Streams, Miasma Stream Locations, and where to find the elemental fountains to infuse the Crystal Chalice.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered - Miasma Stream Guide

Miasma Stream Guide

What are Miasma Streams?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Miasma Stream Guide

Miasma Streams are barriers found in dungeons and other explorable areas that hinder passage. They are essentially thick clouds of accumulated miasma that have combined with certain elements in the world.

How to Pass Through Miasma Streams

The only way to pass through a Miasma Stream is to have the Crystal Chalice infused with the same element as the Miasma Stream that you would like to pass through.

To infuse the Crystal Chalice with an element, you must find an element fountain throughout various locations in the game. These fountains are usually locate near the Myrhh tree of a specific area.

Element Fountain Locations
  • Goblin Wall (Tipa Peninsula)
  • Lynari Desert (Lynari Isle)
  • Tida (Vale of Alfitaria)
  • River Belle Path (Tipa Peninsula)
  • Selepation Cave (Plains of Fum)
  • TIda (Vale of Alfitaria)
  • Goblin Wall (Tipa Peninsula)
  • Mine of Cathiurges (Iron Mine Downs)
  • Moschet Manor (Vale of Alfitaria)
  • Moschet Manor (Vale of Alfitaria)
  • Mushroom Forest (Iron Mine Downs)
  • River Belle Path (Tipa Peninsula)
Unknown Element (Holy)
  • Lynari Desert (Lynari Isle)

Miasma Stream Locations

Miasma Streams are usually found in sections of the map that connect the major regions together. This means that you should expect to see Miasma Streams as you near a new continent to explore.

Most Miasma Streams also change elements every year so it is worth knowing them beforehand as you travel across the game world.

The game’s final area (The Abyss) can only be entered by obtaining the Unknown Element (Holy). Getting it requires you to complete a series of tasks in Lynari Desert which are hinted on in the poem verses recited by Gurdy.

How to Get the Unknown Element

Area Miasma Stream
Tipa Peninsula – Iron Mine Downs
  • First Year: Water
  • Second Year: Fire
  • Third Year: Wind
  • Fourth Year: Earth
Iron Mine Downs – Vale of Alfitaria
  • First Year: Earth
  • Second Year: Water
  • Third Year: Fire
  • Fourth Year: Wind
Vale of Alfitaria – Veo Lu
  • First Year: Wind
  • Second Year: Earth
  • Third Year: Water
  • Fourth Year: Fire
Fields of Fum – Rebena Plains
  • First Year: Fire
  • Second Year: Wind
  • Third Year: Earth
  • Fourth Year: Water
Rebeina Plains – The Abyss

All Years: Unknown Element (Holy)

Infused Element Effects

Aside from allowing you to pass through various elemental Miasma Streams, infusing the Crystal Chalice with an element also grants you some unique special effects.

Element Effects
Earth Grants protection against Petrification and Poisoning.
Wind Grants protection against Paralyze.
Fire Grants protection against Burn.
Water Grants protection against Freeze.
Unknown Element (Holy) None. Only allows you to pass through any Miasma Stream.

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