Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Patterns


List of patterns in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. Included are name, recipe, and unlocks.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered - Weapon List


The pattern is used to craft gear along with a combination of crafting materials. Bring the required pattern and materials to either a blacksmith to craft weapons or armor, or a Tailor to unlock an accessory. Some gear cannot be produced by the same NPC which means you need to travel to other cities and find the crafting NPC that unlocks them.

Below is a list of patterns and the accessories unlocked for each.

Pattern Recipe Unlocks
Angel Kit Gold x1
Angel’s Tear x1
Angel’s Earring
Blue Yarn Needle x1
Blue Silk x1
Blue Misanga
Brigandology Wind Crystal x1
Orc Belt x1
Green Sphere x1
Thieves’ Emblem
Bronze Armor Bronze Plate
Bronze Belt Bronze Belt
Bronze Gloves Bronze Gauntlets
Bronze Sallet Bronze Helm
Celestial Weapon Longinus
  • Worm Antenna x1
  • Bronze Shard x3
  • Gear x1
Accurate Watch
Dark Weapon Ragnarok
Designer Glasses
  • Crystal Ball x2
  • Gold x1
  • Chimera’s Horn
Twisted Scope
Designer Goggles
  • Crystal Ball x2
  • Iron x1
  • Griffin’s Wing x1
Eagle Goggles
Diamond Armor Diamond Plate
Diamond Belt Diamond Belt
Diamond Gloves Diamond Armlets
Diamond Sallet Diamond Helm
Diamond Shield Diamond Shield
Earth Armor Gaia Plate
Eternal Armor Eternal Mail
Eternal Sallet Eternal Helm
Eyewear Techniques
  • Crystal Ball x2
  • Silver x1
Twisted Spectacles
Faerie Kit
  • Gold x1
  • Faerie’s Tear x1
Pixie’s Earring
Fashion Kit
  • Jade x1
  • Silver x2
  • Pressed Flower x1
Jade Bracer
Fiend Kit
  • Gold x1
  • Fiend’s Claw x1
Daemon’s Earring
Flame Armor Flame Mail
Flame Belt Flame Sash
Flame Craft Flame Badge
Flame Gloves Flame Armlets
Flame Sallet Flame Helm
Flame Shield Flame Shield
Forbidden Tome Elemental’s Soul
Frost Armor Frost Mail
Frost Belt Frost Sash
Frost Craft Frost Badge
Frost Gloves Frost Armlets
Frost Sallet Frost Helm
Frost Shield Frost Shield
Goggle Techniques
  • Crystal Ball x2
  • Bronze x1
Power Goggles
Gold Armor Gold Mail
Gold Craft
  • Gold x2
  • Cockatrice’s Scale x1
Gold Necklace
Gold Gloves Gold Armlets
Greatest Weapon
  • Ultima Sword
  • Ultima Hammer
  • Ultima Lance
  • Ultima Maul
Healing Kit Headband of Healing
Hero’s Weapon Dragoon’s Spear
Holy Armor Saintly Mail
Holy Shield Saintly Shield
Iron Armor Iron Plate
Iron Belt Iron Belt
Iron Gloves Iron Gauntlets
Iron Sallet Iron Helm
Iron Shield Iron Shield
Ladies’ Accessories
  • Ruby x1
  • Silver x2
  • Pressed Flower x1
Flower Bracer
Legendary Shield Chocobo Shield
Legendary Weapon
  • Excalibur
  • Gungnir
  • Mystic Hammer
  • Queen’s Heel
Lightning Armor Storm Mail
Lightning Belt Storm Sash
Lightning Craft Thunder Badge
Lightning Gloves Storm Armlets
Lightning Sallet Storm Helm
Lightning Shield Storm Shield
Lunar Weapon Dreamcatcher
Magic Shield Rune Shield
Master’s Weapon
  • Dragon Lance
  • Mythril Hammer
  • Butterfly Head
  • Rune Blade
Mighty Weapon
  • Halbert
  • Bastard Sword
  • Sonic Hammer
  • Steel Cudgel
Mythril Armor Mythril Plate
Mythril Belt Mythril Belt
Mythril Gloves Mythril Gauntlets
Mythril Sallet Mythril Helm
Mythril Shield Mythril Shield
New Clockwork
  • Toad Oil x1
  • Bronze Shard x3
  • Gear x1
Unfaltering Watch
Novice’s Weapon
  • Iron Sword
  • Partisan
  • Solid Racket
  • Wave Hammer
Pure Armor Blessed Mail
Pure Belt Blessed Sash
Radiant Armor Crystal Mail
Ring of Invincibility
  • Orichalcum x1
  • Dark Sphere x1
Force Ring
Ring of Light
  • Tiny Crystal x1
  • Silver x1
Crystal Ring
Secrets of Speed
  • Needle x1
  • Zu’s Beak x1
Talisman of Speed
Secrets of Wisdom
  • Needle x1
  • Chimera’s Horn x1
Talisman of Wisdom
Soul of the Dragon
  • Ruby x2
  • Dragon’s Fang x1
  • Orc Belt x1
Dragon’s Heart
Soul of the Lion
  • Ruby x1
  • Cerberus’ Fang x1
Lion’s Heart
Time Armor Time Mail
Time Sallet Time Helm
Tome of Magic Wizard’s Soul
ome of Sorcery
  • Jade x2
  • Cursed Crook x1
Bishop’s Soul
Tome of Speed
  • Needle x1
  • Gigas Claw x1
Speed Charm
Tome of Wisdom
  • Needle x1
  • Coeurl’s Whisker x1
Charm of Wisdom
Valiant Weapon
  • Feather Saber
  • Titan Lance
  • Goblin Hammer
  • Elemental Cudgel
Victorious Weapon
  • Defender
  • Prism Hammer
  • Prism Bludgeon
  • Highwind
Warrior’s Weapon
  • Steel Blade
  • Rune Hammer
  • Sonic Lance
  • Dual Shooter
White Yarn
  • Needle x1
  • White Silk x1
White Misanga
Wind Belt Winged Belt
Zeal Kit
  • Blue Silk x1
  • Tiny Crystal x1
  • Remedy x1
Headband of Zeal

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