Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Orc Lord Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for Orc Lord (Hard) in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition, including boss stats, attacks, and strategy for defeating it in the game.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Orc Lord Boss Guide

Boss Battle Guide for Orc Lord (Hard)

The Orc Lord is a post-game boss that can be encountered in Miasma Pit. The Orc Lord is more of a strong and agile fighter that a spell caster.

Miasma Pit Walkthrough

Orc Lord Information

Here is a breakdown of the boss’ strengths and weaknesses, stats, and skills:

Orc Lord Boss Stats

Target Areas Body only
Weaknesses Ice Element
Resistance Fire Element
Other Rewards* Orc Belt

*To be determined

Orc Lord Attacks and Moves

Attack / Move Attack/Move Effect
Regular Attack The Orc Lord’s normal attack consists of hitting you with an axe. The boss will deal more physical attacks.
Dizzy Swirl The Orc Lord uses this attack when you get too close. He’ll rotate his axe and knock you back.
Fire The Orc Lord tends to use fire spells that comes out fast. The boss will use magic attacks less.
Hammer Pound The boss whacks you with the axe. The attack has some delay. When struck, you’ll be open to attacks from his minioins. Your best bet is to avoid it.
Self-Destruct The boss uses this attack when he is down to a quarter or so of health left. The Orc Lord will start glowing and cause a massive explosion.

Orc Lord Strategies

Here is a breakdown of the battle strategies against the boss:

Defeat the mobs

Before anything else, clear the area of lesser orcs before taking on the boss. This orc enemies can cast Bio against your character. This makes you susceptible to poison.

Keep your distance

Keep moving and maintain a moderate distance away from the boss. If you move too far or get too close, you’ll be punished by his attacks. Continue to be mobile to avoid a potential physical attack when he starts chasing you. Remember, that the boss will unleash more physical attacks.

Use Ice Magic of Focus Attacks

You can damage the boss by using a ranged focus attack or ice spell. Just make sure to cast faster than the boss or you will get hurt.

Avoid the Magic Circle

The boss relies on elemental spells to nuke you from afar. You need to stay out of the magic circle and counter it with your own elemental spells. Choose a spell that has a short cast time like low level ones.

Deal continuous attacks while the boss is casting

When the boss’ health is critically low, there will be a countdown. He’ll take some time to charge for a powerful blow. Run up to him quickly and go to town with physical attacks or fire off ice spells fast. The key is to knock him out before he gets the chance to unleash an explosion.

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