Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Lilty Guide

A guide on the Lilty Tribe in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. Included are an overview of the race, strengths, weaknesses, recommendation, stats, best weapons, armor, and accessories, recommended equipment progression, recommended magic, favorite and disliked food, and multiplayer guide.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered - Lilty Guide

Lilty Tribe Guide

Clavat Lilty
Yuke Selkie

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Lilty Tribe


  • Strongest physical attackers out of all the other races
  • Has excellent physical defense to take punishment when fighting up-close
  • Access to the strongest weapon in the game
  • Poor magic power and casting speed
Recommendation ★★★★

Lilties specialize in pure offense and boast the highest physical damage output in the game. Their very high defense also lets them take punishment more so than most of the other races, making them ideal vanguards alongside Clavats. Lilties are also the only race that can wield the Longinus spear which has the highest strength out of any weapon that can be crafted.

Lilties, however, suffer from having the worst magic capabilities. Because of this, Lilty characters should stick to dishing out physical damage potential and leave spellcasting to Yukes and Clavats.

Which Tribe Should You Choose?

Initial Stats

HP Strength Defense Magic
8 8 8 10

Best Equipment


Name Strength Focus Attack Materials
Longinus 40 Bladestorm Celestial Weapon Scroll x1, Orichalcum x2, Red Eye x1, Dragon’s Fang x1
Gungnir 35 Cross Slash Legendary Weapon Scroll x1, Orichalcum x1, Alloy x1, Ancient Potion x1
Ultima Lance 35 Piercing Sweeps Greatest Weapon Scroll x1, Orichalcum x1, Ultimite x1


Name Defense Special Effects Materials
Diamond Plate 27 Diamond Armor Scroll x1, Orichalcum x1, Hard Shell x1
Diamond Armlets 22 Diamond Gloves Scroll x1, Diamond Ore x1, Orichalcum x1


Name Special Effects Materials
Force Ring Immune from stun Ring of Invincibility Scroll x1, Orichalcum x1, Dark Sphere x1
Crystal Ring Resist Miasma +30 Ring of Light Scroll x1, Tiny Crystal x1, Silver x1
Healing Headband (Male only) Gain regen status Healing Kit Scroll x1, White Silk x1, Tiny Crystal x1, Remedy x1
Jade Bracer (Female only) Gain regen status Fashion Kit Scroll x1, Jade x1, Silver x2, Pressed Flower x1
Dragon’s Heart Focus Attack +3 Soul of the Dragon Scroll x1, Ruby x2, Dragon’s Fang x1, Orc Belt
Pixie’s Earring Enemy spell duration -30 Faerie Kit Scroll x1, Gold x1, Faerie’s Tear x1

Recommended Equipment Progression

Coming soon.

Recommended Magic

Because of their slow casting time and poor magic stat, it is not recommended to use magic when playing as a Lilty.

Favorite and Disliked Food

Name Details
Meat Favorite
Gourd Potato Favorite
Cherry Cluster Disliked
Striped Apple Disliked

Multiplayer Guide

Pure Physical Damage

Lilties are the main physical damage dealers of the party and should focus on attacking main targets, particularly bosses, in battle. Lilties must also take out minions quickly so that the party can tackle the boss without any annoyances. Using magic should be skipped entirely as spellcasting should be left to other races.

Lilties generally require less healing because of their high defense. You should also take advantage of their low stature, giving enemies less chances to hit you with physical attacks. Despite this, always try to avoid taking damage to have spellcasters such as Yukes and Clavats focused on nuking enemies with offensive magic and less with healing duties. Have Phoenix Downs equipped in your command slot for emergencies in case any of your allies go down.

The Lilty has access to very powerful focus attacks based on the current weapon they have equipped. You can have different weapons assigned to command slots to allow you to use different focus attacks to adapt to various situations in battle.

Lilties are one of the best races for using the Force Ring as it allows them to relentlessly pummel enemies without every having to worry about getting stunned. You can also opt to equip the Healing Headband or Jade Bracer to gain regen for better survivability. For those favoring all-out offense, the Dragon’s Heart is recommended, granting you an impressive +3 in focus attack damage.

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Clavat Lilty
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