Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Rainy Ruins Bonus Dungeon Walkthrough

A walkthrough and guide for Rainy Ruins bonus dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. Included are all treasure chest locations, obtainable equipment scrolls, artifacts, materials, enemies encountered, and boss strategies.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered - Rainy Ruins Walkthrough

Rainy Ruins


Original Dungeon Rebena Te Ra
Availability Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Difficulty ★★★★★★★
Memory Crystals Hurdy (Male Clavat), Lulie (Female Clavat), Princess Fiona (Female Clavat), Black Knight (Male Lilty), Sol Racht (Male Lilty), Leonamiel (Female Yuke), Bal Dat (Male Selkie)
Boss Testament

Treasure Chest Locations

Locations Possible Items
Near the dungeon entrance (with Mimic)
Right from the dungeon entrance (with Mimic)
After opening the gate using the key near the location above, go north (with Mimic)
To the left of the boss area switch (with Mimic)
Behind the magic gate in the first area
West of the second gate in the second area
In the key room in the second area

Obtainable Items

Rainy Ruins Scrolls

Name Location

Rainy Ruins Materials

Name Location

Rainy Ruins Artifacts

Name Location
Meteor Ring


Enemy Weaknesses Resistances
Ahriman (Purple)
Abaddon (Small)
Sonic Bat (White)
Killer Bee (Blue)
Skeleton Mage



Tips and Strategies

Defeating Testament

Testament uses a variety of spells so it is recommended to have high ice, fire, or lightning resistance before facing him. The boss is also accompanied by Death Knights that you should take out first.

When Testament is alone, destroy the orbs on either side of the area to make Testament vulnerable to damage. Afterwards, use Holy to attack him. Note that the boss is vulnerable to Stop. Use it to make the fight more manageable if you find yourself struggling against him.

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