Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Veo Lu Sluice Walkthrough

A complete main story walkthrough of Veo Lu Sluice in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. Included are main story locations, obtainable items, Moogle Stamps, artifacts, enemies, and boss strategies.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Veo Lu Sluice Walkthough

Veo Lu Sluice

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Veo Lu Sluice Walkthough

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition Walkthroughs


Area Veo Lu Sluice
Year 3
Cycles 3 cycles
Moogle Stamp 1 moogle stamp
Artifacts 22 artifacts
Bosses 1 boss

Obtainable Items

Here is a list of items that can be acquired in this walkthrough. Obtainable items will depend on the location’s current cycle:

Information about Cycle Changes

Veo Lu Sluice Scrolls

Scroll 1st Cycle 2nd Cycle 3rd Cycle
Frost Armor
Frost Belt
Frost Gloves
Frost Sallet
Frost Shield

Veo Lu Sluice Materials

Material 1st Cycle 2nd Cycle 3rd Cycle
Chilly Gel
Griffin’s Wing
Iron Shard
Toad Oil

Veo Lu Sluice Artifacts

Artifact 1st Cycle 2nd Cycle 3rd Cycle
Blizzard Ring
Book Light
Chicken Knife
Dark Matter
Dragon’s Whisker
Kaiser Knuckles
Main Gauche
Moon Pendant
Onion Sword
Power Wristband
Rat’s Tail
Red Slippers
Sage’s Staff
Silver Bracer
Tome of Ultima
Twisted Headband

Veo Lu Sluice Secret Items

Item Location
None N/A

Veo Lu Sluice Moogle Stamps

Item Location
Moogle Stamp #23 Below the first panel, pass by the ruins and examine the dead end below it.


Here is a list of enemies encountered in this walkthrough:

Enemy 1st Cycle 2nd Cycle 3rd Cycle
Gigan Toad
Ice Bomb
Lizardman Mage
Lizardman (Spear)
Water Flan

Veo Lu Sluice Walkthrough

Acquire the First Gate Key

1 Go to the left and unlock the first treasure chest (Phoenix Down x1).
2 Continue south and then take the upper left path.
3 Take out the Gigan Toad and the Lizardman enemies.
4 Keep going south and take out more enemies.
5 Follow the west path. Ignore the stairs up north for now (You can come back to it on later cycles).
6 Defeat more enemies and then walk up to the switch on the left.
7 Place the chalice on top of the switch and then retrieve the key.
8 Return to the pedestal from before.

Second Key

1 Continue south and defeat the enemies.
2 When the coast is clear, unlock the chest.
3 Follow the path east and then south.
4 Same as before, operate the switch to obtain a key.
5 Put the key on the platter to unlock the door northwest from here.
6 Ignore the door for now and head south.

Third Key

1 At the crossroads, head east to find a chest at the tip of the path.
2 Return to the intersection and then proceed to the other path you didn’t pick.
3 Defeat the Griffin.
4 Continue west to reach the far corner. Heal if you have to and then trigger the switch.
5 Insert the key into the orb and then collect it.
6 Assign the Moogle to retrieve the chalice and then head to the west entrance.
7 Search for loot below the stairs and then circle up north.
8 Take out the enemies here.
9 Follow the path leading east and then trigger the mechanism again.
10 You’ll have to go through miasma to reach the key.

Path to the boss

1 After getting the key, bring it over to the pedestal near the door to the west.
2 Ignore the door for now and then move north.
3 Go around the pool until you find an enemy on the east.
4 Defeat the enemy and then move along to find a rock wall.
5 Search around for a Moogle Nest and enter it for a stamp.
6 Go back all the way to the door you unlocked.
7 Defeat boss, Golem.

Defeat Golem

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Golem Boss Guide

1 Watch a cutscene.
2 Eliminate the minions first before facing the boss. Avoid the range of its moves while finding the opportunity to deal damage to it.
Golem Guide
3 After defeating the boss, return to the world map and go to Shella.

Treasure Chest Locations

Below are the in-game locations of treasure chests in this walkthrough:

In-Game Location Location
To the west from the starting point.
From the first chest, head south and then search the path to the west.
After entering the first gate, look to your left.
From the chest mentioned above, search the opposite path.
After opening the second gate, follow the path south and search the right side.
From the location where you obtained a Chilly Gel blob, go southeast and examine the dead end.

Tips and Strategies

Acquire Moogle Stamp #23

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Veo Lu Sluice - Moogle Nest #23

Before leaving the the area, make sure to locate the eleventh Moogle Nest. Below the first panel, pass by the ruins and examine the dead end below it.

All Moogle Nest Locations

Play Co-op

If playing on multiplayer mode, have a teammate accompany you with the chalice for a much smoother trip along routes covered in miasma.

Arid Veo Lu Sluice

Return to the the area after a few years  to find a dried up Veo Lu Sluice. Make use of hot spots to get here. You can reach the chests below the stairs for example and find unique gear.

Restoring Jegon River

Go around Veo Lu Sluice to find the aquatic plants. Use the life spell on each and then take on the area boss. After defeating the boss, you can move across the Jegon River again.

Golem Boss Strategies

Take out the Water Flans

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Golem - Take out mobs first

Defeat the minions that litter the field. You need to ensure that no other enemies are around when you fight the boss.

Ask help from the Mog

The mog comes in handy because you can time using spells when it notifies you of an attack. For instance, you can cast an ice spell when the mog alerts you of an attack. Doing so may encourage the mog to mimic your spell which combines your spells to produce a more powerful one.

Determine your approach

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition - Golem - Focus Attacks

You can opt to use ranged attacks like focus attacks or spells to land consistent damage. Another way is to use physical attacks. Aim to lower its defense with a fire spell and then follow up with physical attacks. If you opt for the latter, you won’t have to worry about the blue beams and the effects of slow.

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