Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Ansem Boss Guide

Information on how to defeat Ansem, Seeker of Darkness in Kindom Hearts 3, including boss attacks, strategies, and tips to beat him.

How to Defeat Ansem in Kingdom Hearts 3

Ansem’s Attacks

Bomb Core

Ansem Boss Guide

Ansem will set up a few sphere bombs that explode on contact.


Ansem Boss Guide

Ansem will summon several spheres above himself.

Ansem Boss Guide

These spheres will then go down and produce a laser barrier around Ansem.

Sphere Lasers

Ansem Boss Guide

The spheres that Ansem summons around Sora will emit lasers that deal damage.

Dark Sickles

Ansem Boss Guide

Ansem summons a shadow that follows Sora.

Ansem Boss Guide

The shadow will follow Sora around the battlefield.

Ansem Boss Guide

The shadow then gets bigger, producing several sickles that deal damage to Sora.

Ansem’s Special Attack

Ansem Boss Guide

Ansem will pull Sora’s party near him.

Ansem Boss Guide

He will then release a devastating red shockwave.

Ansem Strategies

Persistent Spheres

The laser spheres that Ansem summons are quite persistent Although you can avoid the spheres by gliding, its lasers will still track Sora, so one or two lasers can still hit him.

Restore HP before Ansem’s Special Attack

Once Ansem’s gravity pull commences, it is recommended that your party should heal first. The shockwave can deal massive damage and reduce your HP to zero.

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