Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Best Gummi Ships

A list and summary of the best Gummi Ships that can be obtained by traveling through galaxies and accomplishing missions in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Best Gummi Ships

List of Best Gummi Ships

We breakdown the best original or pre-made Gummi Ships available in Kingdom Hearts 3. These Gummi Ships can be made once you acquire their blueprints. Gummi Ship blueprints are found by locating and taking a picture of their constellation across the Starlight, Eclipse, and Misty Galaxies.

Gummi Ship Overview

Golden High Wind*

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Gummi Ship Golden High Wind

HP Offense Power
1,163 1,882 181
Mobility Rolling Speed
0 87 250

Golden High Wind’s HP and Offense stats are both very high. It is said to be the strongest original Gummi Ship. In order to obtain it, you need to destroy Gummi Mission boss Schwartzgeist, a very difficult boss from Square Enix’s Einhander game, in the Misty Stream Galaxy.

*Based on Japanese Translation.


Kingdom Hearts 3 - Gummi Ship Omega

HP Offense Power
1778 840 53
Mobility Rolling Speed
0 250 0

Omega can be obtained by finding its constellation in the Eclipse Galaxy, located to the right of the waypoint of ECL-03 spawn. Its Attack stat might be the lowest among blueprint Gummi Shipsbut it is the earliest that you can acquire.


Kingdom Hearts 3 - Gummi Ship Sequence

HP Offense Power
735 936 -56
Mobility Rolling Speed
0 -52 250

Sequence is a special Gummi ship that can only be acquired when you finish collecting all the blueprints in the Misty Galaxy. Its Attack stat is higher than Omega’s, but it has very low HP. This requires the player to dodge attacks more to survive. Also, this Gummi Ship takes a lot more effort to acquire.

*Based on Japanese Translation.


Kingdom Hearts 3 - Gummi Ship Endymion

HP Offense Power
1214 589 17
Mobility Rolling Speed
0 80 200

Endymion is a Gummy Ship that gives a nod to Square Enix’s Einhander shoot-em up game. Its blueprint can be found while traveling through the Misty Galaxy. This Gummi Ship has a good balance of Speed and Attack, including the strong ability such as Auto Release. It is advised to acquire Endymion before you engage the Schwartzgeist, because its kit is well suited for the boss.

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