Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - Gummi Ship Overview

An overview and discussion about Gummi Ships in Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3.) This includes how to customize Gummi Ships and how to engage with them in battle.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Gummi Ship Overview

Gummi Ship Overview

What are Gummi Ships?

Gummi Ships are the main mode of transportation between worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. Made from Gummi Blocks, these ships are used to explore different Worlds and to collect items. Both protagonist and antagonist factions use Gummi Ships to move between worlds and galaxies.

Best Gummi Ships Guide

Gummi Ship Controls

Operation Buttons
Controller Buttons
A Button on Xbox and × Button on PS4
A Roll
L1 / R1 Hard Brake / Stop proceeding in the Nebula line. Stop Capture of Treasure Sphere.
L3 U-Turn
R3 Camera Reset

World Map Activities

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Gummi Ship World Map

World Travel

You can move from one world to another while in your Gummi Ship. You can also set custom markers to quickly navigate to new worlds.

Set Travel Gates Free

Traveling in space with your Gummi Ship takes quite a long time, so it is convenient to free up surrounding Travel Gates. Once you set Travel Gates free, you can advance to other areas quickly

Speed Up With Boost Rings

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Gummi Ship Boost Ring

Apart from Travel Gates, you can also use Boost Rings to speed up and move more easily.

Gummi Ship Item Farming

It is possible to obtain different items while traveling. These can be Gummi Blocks, Blueprints, or Synthetic Materials.

Obtain Items through Blue and Purple Crystals

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Gummi Ship Crystals

Crystals are scattered throughout the world map. You can obtain blueprints or even customized parts of Gummi Ships by shooting these crystals.

Obtain Better Items through the Treasure Sphere

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Gummi Ship Treasure Sphere

Treasure Spheres provide better rewards. These include synthetic materials and Gummi Ship parts. You can open them by connecting the lines on the surface of the sphere.

Gummi Ship Customization

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Gummi Ship Customization

Create your own Gummi Ship

With Gummi Ship customization, players can create their own unique Gummi Ships with the gummi blocks and blueprints they have obtained. Each Gummi Block has a particular stat and a unique ability. Players can make exceptionally strong Gummi Ships by using high-quality parts. There is a cost system when putting a set of Gummi Blocks together. The stronger the Gummi Blocks used, the higher the cost.

Raise the Level of your Gummi Ship

To obtain additional cost, you need to level your Gummi Ship. A higher cost level will allow more Gummi Blocks to be placed onto your Ship.

Select Pre-Designed Gummi Ships

Players can also use pre-designed Gummi Ships. These can be found by taking pictures of constellations across the three galaxies. These pre-designed Gummi Ships have high stats and unique abilities. You need to progress through the story before getting high tier Gummi Ships.

Gummi Ship Battles

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Gummi Ship Battles

While traveling through the World Map, you may encounter Heartless Gummi Ships. Your travel screen will transition to a battle screen if you decide to engage them in a space battle.

Check Difficulty Ship Difficulty

You will see a “LV #” above the Heartless Gummi Ships. This is their difficulty level. With this, you can quickly gauge your chance of surviving a battle.

Gummi Ship Battle Tips

Hold the Fire Button while Moving

Hold down the Fire Button to destroy as many Heartless Gummi Ships as possible. Moving around will make it easier to hit more targets.

Use Roll to Dodge Attacks

You can press the Roll Button to quickly dodge attacks.

Identify Weaknesses of Big Ships

Big Heartless Gummi Ships may come out during your battles. Move around and locate their weaknesses before engaging them.

Use Special Weapons in Dangerous Scenarios

Use Special Weapons when you’re in dangerous scenarios. All special weapons have gauges and take time to recover, so avoid spamming them aimlessly.

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