HD Version Adjustments [Kingdom Hearts II.8/ KH 2.8]

These summarize the changes in the PS4 Version of KH3D:DDD. We will be updating information on this section as we go along.

This article contains details on the following possible Playstation 4 HD changes and adjustments for Kingdom Hearts HD II.8. 

Changes covered such as: Game Mechanics, Controls, Menus, etc.

Version Changes from KH3D: Dream Drop Distance

This information will be updated when new information has been revealed.

Controller Adjustments

  • Mini-games involving Dream Eater were remapped to be functional on the PS4 controller.
  • Flick Rush and Reality Shifts were remapped to be functional using a PS4 Controller and a single display.
  • The PS4 Controller’s Touchpad allows players to bring up a full-view map of their current location.

Menu Adjustments

  • A new sub-menu was added specifically for the Link System mechanic.
  • A new Command Menu is now available which supports Dive Mode mechanic.
  • The Command Deck menu features three commands.

Roster Additions

  • Additional Dream Eaters such as the Catnuki have been added.

Game Mechanics Changes

  • The duration of Drop Times are now extended.

Other Changes

  • Higher resolution textures have been added to the User Interface, with its design being parallel to the older games.
  • The PS4 Version now supports 60 FPS.
  • The in-game camera has been zoomed out to capture a more extensive field of vision.

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