Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Thorns Forest [Kingdom Hearts II.8/ KH 2.8]

The Third Chapter shows Aqua as she makes her way through the Thorns Forest. We will be updating this section when new information is revealed.

The Third Chapter of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage starts off with information on Thorns Forest and ends with the final encounter of the Boss – Dark Side.

Note: This section will be updated when new information becomes available.

Thorns Forest


Number on the Map Item
1 Map
2 Taurus Relief
3 Mega Potion
4 Scorpion Relief
5 Ether
6 Potion
7 Ether
8 High Potion
9 Diamond Pattern
10 Mega Potion


When the cutscene finishes, cut the thorns blocking the way.

Source: Youtube

Once the path is clear, head forward and turn right, there will be a treasure chest surrounded by flowers which contains the map of the surrounding forest of thorns.

Pass by the huge vine bridge, then cut through the red thorns. You will be ambushed by some Heartless.

Head upwards to find another Treasure Chest. Cut through the thorns to open another path that diverges into two.

Source: Youtube

Proceed towards the path with Terra and Ventus’ apparitions who are apparently observing a patch of shimmering flowers on the other side.

As you approach the apparitions, they will disappear. Remove the red thorns blocking the path.

Another group of red thorns will be barricading your way, destroy it. Be wary of some Heartless that would appear.

Before you even approach the next group of red thorns, more Heartless will appear so be ready to take them out.

Head straight through the path led by a long vine. Prepare for a battle.

Boss Battle: Dark Side

Source: Youtube

Battle Tip:

Target the boss’s wrist first take these out one by one. Then aim for the head. Luckily Dark Side moves slowly during the battle. When Dark Side attempts to attack the ground avoid it. Be wary also whenever it summons balls of darkness it’s better to avoid attacking and focus on dodging. When it’s Physical Strength has been sufficiently weakened it will begin to fire the Tracking beam thus make sure to be well guarded.

Once you have dealt enough damage, it will go down and a short cutscene will appear. Make your way to the apparitions to find an open area.

Dark Side will appear again and summon more Heartless, take them out.

Climb up the edges by using double jump. Head straight, watch out for Dark Side’s surprise attack from behind the thorns.

Source: Youtube

Make your way to the vine and Aqua will begin to slide. Be on guard and use jump, as Dark Side will be launching several surprise attacks along the way. When you reach the end of the vine, a short cutscene will occur.

Source: Youtube

Prepare for a battle against a swarm of Heartless in an open area.

Head left to open the chest.

Head to the opposite direction of the chest (right) to Save.

Move straight ahead then hop from one of the decayed tree remains to the other to get across the pit.

Destroy the red thorns blocking the path. Keep distance from the homing balls of darkness, then make sure to take out the Heartless that ambushes you as you go. Ignore Dark Side for now.

Head to the path blocked by Dark Side then use jump to reach the platform. Continue jumping and destroy the thorns. Once you reach the deepest portion of the forest, there will be a long cutscene.

Proceed to the center of the map being careful enough to dodge the balls of darkness summoned from above.

Prepare for another battle.

Boss Battle: Dark Side

Source: Youtube
Battle Tip:

Dark Side will be similar to his initial form except that this time it will have a new laser attack summoned from above included in his move pattern. Therefore proceed like before and aim for its wrists first then finally strike the head.

Avoid the dual orbs of light that it launches at you. If you could afford it make sure to deflect them back to Dark Side to deal decent damage.

Once you defeat Dark Side again, you will obtain the trophy: Overlap Phantom.

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