Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Details from Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS 2018)

These are the details about Kingdom Hearts 3 that was shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS 2018.) Included in the preview are some new gameplay mechanics as well as some hints about the game's main story!

Updates from Tokyo Game Show 2018

The Last Chapter of the Dark Seeker Saga

Details from Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS 2018)

During Tokyo Game Show 2018 Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced to be the final chapter of the Dark Seeker Saga (Xehanort Saga.) The game focuses on the journey of Sora leading up to his final battle against Master Xehanort. However, Kingdom Hearts 3 will not be the last game in the series, as Sora’s journey will continue in future installments.

Keyblade Transformation

Details from Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS 2018)

In this game, the keyblade can transform into different kinds of weapons such as a hammer or a yo-yo. The player can activate these transformations with just a press of the right directional button during battle.

Techniques based on a movie

Details from Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS 2018)

The image above shows a technique that reproduces a famous scene in Frozen. Players will be able to use this and other tecniques taken from other Disney films and shows.

Activate Attraction Flow

Details from Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS 2018)

Attraction Flow is a new technique that Sora and his party can perform based on theme park attractions. Some of the names of these techniques include “Magic Carousel” and “Mad Tea Cups”.

The Evolution of Collaborative Attacks

Details from Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS 2018)

In Kingdom Hearts 3, Disney characters will be able to join Sora as a summon/link or as a temporary party member. As a party member, the guest character can perform various collaborative attacks with Sora. The picture above shows a co-op attack where Sora gets on top of Baymax to execute unique aerial attacks.

The Power of Links

Details from Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS 2018)

The Link System replaces the Summon System in Kingdom Hearts 3. The system revamps the skills of various Disney characters, adding more flare to their attacks. In the image above, we can see Simba infused with Fire, which allows him to burn enemies to the ground.

New and Improved Gummi Ship

Details from Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS 2018)

The Gummi Ship now has two modes: Battle Mode and Search Mode. In previous games, you had to use the Gummi Ship to travel between worlds. In Kingdom Hearts 3 you will also be able to search for material while traveling by using the ship’s Search Mode.

More than 20 Mini Games Included

Details from Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS 2018)

There are more than 20 mini-games that will appear in Kingdom Hearts 3. Some of these mini-games are also playable in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, so you can play these mini-games early and unlock an exclusive keyblade that Sora can use.

Remy’s Restaurant Mini Game

Details from Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS 2018)

Remy, the famous rat from Ratatouille, also appears in a mini game. It seems that Sora will cook delicious dishes with Remy.

Confrontation Scene between Sora and Aqua

Details from Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS 2018)

In the trailer shown in TGS 2018, a scene between Sora and Aqua is revealed. Fans are also eager to know as to why Aqua is shown as an evil entity in the scene. The story of Aqua’s fall into darkness will be revealed in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Questions from Fans to the Developers of KH 3

Q: What are the ages of Terra, Aqua, Ventus, and Xehanort?

“Terra is around 20 years old, Aqua is around 18, and Ventus is around 16. Xehanort’s young form is 18 years old while his original Master form is 80 years old.”

Q: In Kingdom Hearts 3, is it possible to play with friends online?

“We are currently focusing on the main campaign of Kingdom Heart 3, but online is part of our wish list.”

Q: Is there a secret movie hidden in Kingdom Heart 3?

“We don’t want to spoil the contents of the game before it releases, but we are planning on putting something different for Kingdom Heart 3.”

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