Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - Marluxia Boss Guide

Information on how to defeat Marluxia in Kindom Hearts 3, including boss attacks, strategies, and tips to beat it in the game.

How to Defeat Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts 3

Marluxia’s Scythe Attack

1. Throws the Scythe at Sora

Marluxia Boss Guide

2. Be careful when the scythe returns to Marluxia

Marluxia Boss Guide

Marluxia’s Rush Attack

1. The Rush Attack starts when the ground is dyed black

Marluxia Boss Guide

2. A number of rose petals will attack Sora

Marluxia Boss Guide

Marluxia’s Special Attack I (Ranged)

1. Marluxia performs a high jump

Marluxia Boss Guide

2. He then lands on the ground, sending a shockwave of black energy

Marluxia Boss Guide

Marluxia’s Special Attack II (Scythe)

1. Marluxia shines brightly

Marluxia Boss Guide

2. He then throws the scythe at Sora, moving around until the glowing fades

Marluxia Boss Guide

Marluxia Strategies

Marluxia’s Special Attacks are Unstoppable

Even if you can damage Marluxia during his special attacks, it is best to avoid his strikes rather than to fight him head on. Concentrate on dodging his attacks when he glows. Hit him immediately after he stops glowing.

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