Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - New Characters Revealed So Far

Information on the new characters revealed so far in Kingdom Hearts III. We quickly go over the currently known characters one by one.

New Characters Announced for ReMind

Following their E3 2019 Reveal, Kingdom Hearts III ReMind, the highly anticipated DLC unveiled a roster of new supporting characters. Here, we briefly touch on the characters that are scheduled to appear in the DLC.

Kingdom Hearts


Sora returns as the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts III ReMind. A dauntless young man who sets out on a journey with his peers to discover the path that lies beyond his home. Compared to his vibrant model in Kingdom Hearts III, Sora displays a serious pose and his clothes have improved textures. In ReMind, Sora faces new challenges and must fight his way to uncover the truth.

Final Fantasy

The cast from various Final Fantasy titles return as supporting characters in ReMind. Some of the characters clothes seem to draw inspiration from related titles, while others appear to have improved versions of their outfits.


Aerith Gainsborough is a character from Final Fantasy VII. She is a cheerful flower girl who grew up in the slums. In the first few seconds of the teaser, we saw that Aerith remains hopeful despite the loss of a good friend.

Yuffie and Leon

Yuffie is the youngest of the cast in Final Fantasy VII. A cunning girl with a tomboyish personality, Yuffie aspires to meet her goals. She addresses herself as the great ninja and carries the Fuma Shuriken. Yuffie returns in ReMind as one of the new characters. Unlike her colorful outfit in previous games, Yuffie wears dark clothes with a touch of camouflage reminiscent of her Advent Children attire.

In the teaser trailer, Leon, a character from Final Fantasy VIII, appears alongside Yuffie. Due to an unfortunate incident, Squall Leonhart takes the name Leon. He strives to hone his skills to become a mercenary and wields the Gunblade. In contrast to the other Final Fantasy characters, Leon sticks to a nearly identical outfit with his past reiterations in the universe. In the trailer, Rikku reacts differently to the loss and reports the findings as Yuffie and Leon listen closely.

Kingdom Hearts III ReMind is scheduled to be released on January 23, 2020 for the Sony Playstation 4 and on February 25, 2020 for the Xbox One.

Stay tuned for more Kingdom Hearts III ReMind news and updates!

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