Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Young Xehanort Boss Guide

Information on how to defeat Young Xehanort in Kindom Hearts 3, including boss attacks, strategies, and tips to beat him.

How to Defeat Young Xehanort

Young Xehanort’s Attacks

Powerful Blizzard Magic

Young Xehanort Boss Guide

Young Xehanort summons several large icicles that tracks Sora’s movements.

Whip Attack

Young Xehanort Boss Guide

Young Xehanort unleashes a flurry of whip attacks.

Young Xehanort Boss Guide

He then retracts this whip while dealing damage.

Young Xehanort Boss Guide

After pulling the whip back, he strikes Sora with his Keyblade.

Whip Lock

Young Xehanort Boss Guide

The boss throws his whip from a long distance at Sora, binding the Keyblade wielder with the weapon. While Sora is trapped by the whip, Xemnas and Ansem will hit Sora with powerful attacks.

Instantaneous Movement

Young Xehanort Boss Guide

Young Xehanort can avoid Sora’s attacks by the use of instantaneous movement. Once Sora hits the boss, Young Xehanort will leave a decoy to receive the damage while he moves to another spot on the battlefield.

Young Xehanort’s Special Attack

Time Stop

Young Xehanort Boss Guide

Large blue circles surround Young Xehanort.

Young Xehanort Boss Guide

The battlefield turns black and white if Sora is caught in the circles. This will paralyze Sora and the other versions of Master Xehanort will start dealing damage to him.

Young Xehanort Strategies

Persistent Whip

Young Xehanort’s whip attacks can be quite troublesome, as they can still deal damage after the boss pulls back. The whip can be dodged whenever Young Xehanort extends it. Sora can then launch a counterattack in between the extending and withdrawing whip motions.

Avoid the Whip Lock

Once Sora is tied by the whip, Xemnas and Ansem deal massive damage. Young Xehanort uses this move frequently, so memorize the pattern of his attacks and learn when he will use the binding attack.

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