Persona 5 Strikers - Elements

Guide on Elements in Persona 5 Strikers. Included are an overview, explanation, and list of elements, types, and their effects.

Persona 5 Strikers - Elements


What are Elements

Enemy Weakness and Status Effects

Absorbing attacks

Here we have Jack o’ Lantern, a persona that has the ability to absorb to flame attribute attacks. When Jack o’ Lantern is struck by a flame spell, he can convert the damage into HP. Take advantage of a persona’s ability to absorb attacks by switching them to absorb the blows.


When a persona resists an attribute, it takes less damage from the attack compared to other personas. Arsene is a persona that resists curse attack which allow it to withstand a barrage of curse attacks with ease.


The counterpart of resistance is weakness. When an attribute is marked “Weak,” the persona takes more damage from it. Avoid sending out a persona on an attack that is weak against. Conversely, analyze the enemy’s weakness and use a persona that has one of those Elements to take them out swiftly.


When examining a persona’s stats, one can also find spots that are left unmarked. Blank spots mean that the persona takes neutral damage from that attribute. Ideally, when enhancing a persona, the best way to build it is to include as many resistances while reducing its weaknesses.

List of Elements

Element Type Effect
Physical Physical attack Bonus damage dealt to Sleeping enemies
Gun Ranged physical attack
Flame Magic spell Chance to inflict Burn
Ice Magic spell Chance to inflict Freeze
Electric Magic spell Chance to inflict Shock
Wind Magic spell Effective against flame attribute
Psy Magic spell Effective against enemies with status condition
Nuke Magic spell Effective against Burn, Frozen, or Shocked enemies
Bless Magic spell
Curse Magic spell

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