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An overview of the Trophy System in Brawl Stars and the ranking system associated with them. Details what trophies mean to a Brawler and to a player overall.
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Many players when starting out in Brawl Stars may notice a number of “Trophies” being either rewarded or penalized at the end of every match. Just what these trophies are, though, isn’t immediately clear. Here we will investigate just what these Brawl Stars points are and what effect they have on the game.

What are Trophies?

Trophies can be seen as a type of experience gauge in Brawl Stars. After matches in which a player’s team won or the player themselves did rather well, trophies are awarded. Conversely, players lose trophies whenever their team loses or they do poorly in a match. The number of trophies gained or lost is all dependant on the rank of the Brawler used in the match. Each Brawler has their own trophy count, their gains or losses unaffected by the player’s other Brawlers’ ranks. Lower ranked Brawlers typically lose less with losses and gain more from victories. High ranked Brawlers are punished more heavily for losing and gain less with their victories.

Trophy Count Trophies Won on Win Trophies Lost on Loss
0-29 6 0
30-99 6 2
100-139 5 2
140-219 5 3
220-299 5 4
300-499 5 5
500-599 5 6
600-699 4 6
700-799 3 6
800-899 3 7
900+ 2 7

What are Ranks?

Ranks are milestones hit after reaching certain trophy counts. Ranks range from 1-20, players dealing with rank decay every season after that, but more on that later. A Brawler’s rank is raised as soon as the rank’s trophy requirement is hit. When this happens, players are awarded a small bounty of keys. Brawlers cannot fall in rank, even if a player loses enough trophies to be below the rank’s entry point. Thereby, players can only obtain a rank’s key reward once per Brawler.

Rank Total Trophies Needed Trophie Difference from Previous Rank
1 1 1
2 10 9
3 20 10
4 30 10
5 40 10
6 60 20
7 80 20
8 100 20
9 120 20
10 140 20
11 160 20
12 180 20
13 220 40
14 260 40
15 300 40
16 340 40
17 380 40
18 420 40
19 460 40
20 500 40


A season in Brawl Stars lasts for two weeks. At the end of the season, players receive key rewards based on both their total number of trophies and how many trophies are held by their highest rated Brawler. Any brawlers with more than 500 trophies will lose half of any above 500 as a form of rank decay.

League Rewards

Not only do players have tallies of trophies for each of their individual Brawlers, but they also have a cumulative trophy score as well. Players receive a reward each time they collect set amount of trophies up to a cumulative 14,500 trophies. These rewards can range from keys, power points, gold, brawl boxes, or even brawlers.

Beginner’s Guide
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