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A brief overview of each of Brawl Stars' game modes. Includes a small summary of each mode's objectives and a link to a more detailed guide.
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Players are able to compete in a variety of ways in Brawl Stars due to the number of game modes available. These include both team-oriented objectives to one-on-many solo matches. Here is a list of all the game modes and a brief summary. More detailed information can be found on the Game Mode’s page.

Gem Grab

Brawl Stars Gem Grab Mode

Two teams of three brawlers compete to collect and hold gems. A team wins when it can hold ten gems for at least fifteen seconds. A team can only win if it has more gems than their opponent, though, so a lead must be established.


Brawl Stars Showdown Mode

A battle royale game mode, ten players face each other in a death match. Crates are scattered around the map containing power cubes. These items increase a Brawler’s strength and health, giving them an advantage over their foes.


Brawl Stars Heist Mode

Two teams of three players each compete to be the first to destroy their opponent’s safe. Kills aren’t scored, simply allowing for more freedom in moving towards the goal.


Brawl Stars Bounty Mode

A type of team deathmatch. Both teams compete for the most points by killing other players. However, the number of points that they themselves are worth goes up with each kill they achieve.

Brawl Ball

Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Mode

Brawl Stars’ take on football. Two teams of three compete for goals instead of kills. That won’t stop more violent methods from being used, however, each player still lethally armed.

Big Game

Brawl Stars Big Game Mode

Five Brawlers team up to try and take out a single, supercharged opponent. This is a race against the clock, the big boss trying to survive as long as possible while the team tries to destroy them quickly.

Robo Rumble

Brawl Stars Robo Rumble Mode

A single team of three compete in this mode. Rather than facing other humans, the Brawls fight against waves of AI robots. Their goal is to protect their safe as long as possible, gaining more tokens the longer that they can stay alive.

Beginner’s Guide
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  1. What is the name of the game mode where there are 10 brawler who try to take down one big boss robot. Random powerups would appear and everyone tried to get to top 1. What happened to this game ?

  2. The game is not really bad but for a Supercell game you would expect much more. Don’t get me wrong, the game is not bad but after a few hours of playing it feels like always repeating. The graphics are nice, cute and approaching. Maybe for people with a very young age it’s a fun game. But I play since years now Clash Royale and expected really much more. Also it isn’t any addicting or challenging. 3 stars still from me! Try it for yourself, love it or don’t. Just give it a try atleast…