Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Aps Boss Guide

A boss guide for Aps in Final Fantasy (VII,) including the boss stats, attacks, and strategies on defeating it.

Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Walkthrough Part 3 - Wall Market

Aps Boss Guide

This boss is encountered in the Wall Market of Final Fantasy 7.

Aps Boss Stats

Level 18
HP 1800
MP None
Weakness Fire
Strong Against Gravity
Absorbs None
Immunity None
EXP 240
Item Rewards Phoenix Down

Aps Boss Attacks

1) Sewer Tsunami

Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Aps Boss Guide

Aps’ main attack is Sewer Tsunami. However, the attack also depletes his own HP, which looks silly. Just let him be while you attack with your party’s limit break and magic attacks. Don’t forget to use Aerith’s “Healing Wind” to sustain your party.

Aps Boss Guide Strategy

Use Limit Breaks

Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Aps Boss Guide

Having your Limit Break maxed or nearly maxed at the start of the fight will help in depleting the boss’ HP quickly.

Use Fire Magic

Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Aps Boss Guide

Aps is weak to Fire. As such, make sure you have access to Fire Materia.

Equip Cover Materia

Make it a point to equip Cover Materia to Cloud before the boss battle starts. Cover enables you to protect an ally when they are attacked. Equipping it on Cloud allows him to continuously build Limit Break while receiving damage, especially if the battle is taking time.

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