Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Walkthrough Part 14 – Wutai Side Quests

A complete walkthrough for Wutai Side Quests in Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) including enemies encountered, obtainable items, and boss strategy guides.

FF7 Wutai Sidequest Walkthrough

Walkthrough Part 14 – Wutai Side Quests


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Obtainable Elements

Item Location
MP Absorb Yuffie’s first location, inside the box near the save point.
Magic Shuriken Treasure chest in the house to the right of the bell.
Hairpin Inside the secret door of the hallway in the house to the right of the bell.
Dragoon Lance Cave in Da-Chao
Strength Source, Vitality Source, Dexterity Source, Megalixir, Magic Source, Spirit Source, and Luck Source Complete Turtle’s Paradise Flyer Side Quest
X-Potion Defeat Gorki in Wutai Pagoda Battle
Turbo Ether Defeat Shake in Wutai Pagoda Battle
Ice Ring Defeat Chekhov in Wutai Pagoda Battle
Elixir Defeat Staniv in Wutai Pagoda Battle
Leviathan, All Creation Defeat Godo in Wutai Pagoda Battle.

Side Quest: Recovering Stolen Materia

FF7 Wutai Sidequest Walkthrough

1 Battle the Shinra soldiers in Wutai.
2 Head north to the mountains to pursue Yuffie.
3 Reach Wutai Town and find Yuffie in three different places.
4 Escape from the cage and proceed to the pagoda.
5 Defeat the Shinra soldiers.
6 Proceed to the mountain of statues.
7 Battle the boss Rapps.

Side Quest: Turtle’s Paradise Flyers

FF7 Wutai Sidequest Walkthrough

1 Find all Turtle’s Paradise flyers in the game.
2 Collect the reward from the bartender in Turtle’s Paradise.

Side Quest: Wutai Pagoda Battles

FF7 Wutai Sidequest Walkthrough

1 Battle the gods found in Wutai Pagoda using only Yuffie.

Walkthrough Part 14 – Wutai Sidequests

1) Recovering Stolen Materia

FF7 Wutai Sidequest Walkthrough

After Yuffie runs off from the battle with the Shinra soldiers, you must chase her to Wutai Town and find her in three separate locations.

  • Location 1 – Inside the box near the save point.
  • Location 2 – Behind the folding screen inside the house of the old man near the entrance to Wutai.
  • Location 3 – Inside the giant vase outside the Turtle’s Paradise.

You will arrive in Yuffie’s house after finding her a third time. When you pull one of the levers, your allies will be trapped in a cage. Get them out and proceed to the far left of the pagoda. Head to the big bell on the left. Before ringing it, you can use the house on the right to rest and recover HP and MP. You can head to the corridora behind the Japanese banner to get the Magic Shuriken from a chest. Hairpin can be obtained in the secret door in the hallway on the right.

When you are ready, ring the bell to find a hidden door. After the cutscene, get the items from the treasure chests and go up to the next floor. Defeat the Shinra soldiers there. After the battle, exit and watch the cutscene.

Prepare as many healing items as you can, including as many Bolt Plumes and Fire Veils you can afford before going to Da-Chao. Get the Dragoon Lance inside the cave.

Follow the path and to catch up to Don Corneo, Elena, and Yuffie. Get ready for a boss battle against Rapps.

Boss: Rapps

FF7 Wutai Sidequest Walkthrough
Rapps Boss Guide
Attack the boss using Bolt Plume and Fire Veil.

Watch your HP, as the boss can use Aero 3 to easily wipe out your team when low. Don’t be stingy with healing items or Phoenix Downs this fight. Vincent’s morph can do a lot of damage to the boss as well.

After the battle, return to Wutai Town and head to the little house next to Yuffie’s. It has a lot of cats inside. You can find an HP Absorb materia upstairs.

2) Turtle’s Paradise Flyers

The Turtle’s Paradise Side Quest requires you to look for Turtle’s Paradise posters scattered around the game world. There is one flyer that is missable, the one inside the Shinra building, which can prevent you from completing the side quest.

Area Location
Sector 5 Slum Area On the top floor of the southeast most house
Shinra HQ Bulletin Board on the first floor. Missable if you don’t view it on one of the two scenarios when you are inside Shinra HQ.
Gold Saucer The shop in Ghost Square.
Cosmo Canyon There are two in Cosmo Canyon. One is in the weapon shop and twhe other is in Shildra Inn.
Wutai Inside Yuffie’s house after you find her for the third time. Look for the cellar before leaving her house.
Wall Market Requires the Sector 5 Key from Bone Village.
Turtle’s Paradise Main poster in front of the bar.

Completing the Turtle’s Paradise Side Quest gives you Strength Source, Vitality Source, Dexterity Source, Magic Source, Spirit Source, Luck Source, and a Megalixir.

3) Wutai Pagod Battles


Gorki Boss Guide
Have Yuffie positioned in the back. Equip any Elemental or Gravity materia to Yuffie’s armor, as the boss frequently casts Demi. Restore is also invaluable for the fight. Having Destruct also helps when Gorki casts Barrier on himself. Constantly bombard him with magic whenever he is not protected by Reflect.


Shake Boss Guide
When the fight starts, cast Barrier to prepare for Shake’s relentless attacks. You can counter this by casting Haste on your party and Slow on him. You can make quick work of him with the L4 Suicide Enemy Skill. Constantly heal and setup Barrier whenever necessary.


Chekhov Boss Guide
Have Jem Ring equipped to ignore the boss’ paralyze attacks. Don’t forget to regularly have Barrier up during the fight.


Chekhov Boss Guide
L4 Suicide Enemy Skill will easily trivialize the fight against the boss. Otherwise, setup Barrier and position yourself in the back. Get the advantage by using Slow on him and Haste on yourself.


Godo Boss Guide
The last fight is the most challenging of all. You need to have Elemental + Gravity and Elemental + Poison equipped in linked slots of your armor to stand a chance against the boss. You should also equip a Ribbon or Dragon Armlet.

The boss will unload various powerful magic attacks like Bio2, Emi3 Trine, and Mini on you. As such, you will need to have various elemental defenses at the ready.

When the battle begins, set up Barrier. Use Haste on yourself and Slow on Godo. Have your heal at the ready throughout the fight as Godo will hit hard. The battle will mostly be about cycling Barrier, Haste and Slow, and attacking. Poisoning Godo also works well to stack even more damage.

Godo will eventually use Cure2 when low on HP. Work around this by using Reflect on Godo to reflect the healing onto you.

Wutai Pagoda Battles Rewards

An alternate strategy is to force Godo to run out of MP by using Magic Hammer. Doing so will force him to use Beast Sword for a majority of the battle.

Boss Rewards
Gorki X-Potion
Shake Turbo Ether
Chekhov Ice Ring
Staniv Elixir
Godo Leviathan, All Creation
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