Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Nintendo Switch Game Controls

A breakdown of the controls for the Nintendo Switch version of Final Fantasy VII. This includes details on the battle enhancements and extra features added to the game.

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Nintendo Switch Game Controls

Here is a breakdown of the different game controls for the Nintendo Switch version of Final Fantasy VII. The port version will be released this Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

Input Action
Left Stick Character Direction / Movement
Press Left Stick Speed Boost x3
Right Stick Camera
Press Right Stick Battle Boost (HP/MP/Limit Break Max)
Press Left and Right Stick No Enemy Encounters
Directional Buttons Character Direction / Movement
X Button Menu
Y Button Switch
A Button Ok
B Button Cancel
L Button Previous Page
ZL Button Camera
R Button Next Page
ZR Button Target
– (Minus) Button Assist
+ (Plus) Button Start

Battle Enhancements or Extra Features Mechanics

Speed Boost

  • Speed Boost increases movement speed and how quickly battles progress.

Battle Boost

  • The current party’s HP and MP will be immediately filled with a press of the Right Stick.
  • The Limit Break meter is also maxed when the Right Stick Button is hard pressed as well.

No Enemy Encounters

  • Activating No Encounters enables you to completely avoid random enemy battles. However, it does not affect story-related enemy battles and boss battles.

Hidden Mechanics

  • We observed that the Limit Break build-up in battles is much faster than previous versions of the game.
  • Higher steal rate than previous versions of the game (courtesy of Kay.)

*If there are hidden mechanics you have observed, please share it in the comment section below.

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  1. Another possible hidden mechanic is the steal rate. I’ve been having much higher success stealing items than I have in previous versions of the game.