Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Enemies List

A complete list of enemies in Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII.) This includes enemies encountered in each part.

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Enemies List

Below is a list of enemies encountered per part in Final Fantasy VII. Click on a specific enemy to proceed to its information page.

Walkthrough Part Enemies Encountered
Mako Reactor #1 Military Police, Mono Drive, Guard, Dog, 1st Ray, Grunt, Sweeper, and Guard Scorpion
Mako Reactor #5 Blugu, Proto Machinegun, Rocket Launcher, Chuse Tank, Grashtrike, Blood Taste, Smogger, Special Combatant, and Air Buster
Wall Market Hedgehog Pie, Vice, Corneo’s Lackey, Ceasar, Whole Eater, Sahagin, Scotch, Hell House, and Aps
Desctruction of Sector 7 Cripshay, Deenglow, Ghost, Aero Combatant, Eligor, and Reno
Shinra Headquarters Machine Gun, Laser Cannon, Vargid Police, Grenade Combatant, Sword Dance, Mighty Grunt, Hammer Blaster, Warning Board, Moth Slasher, SOLDIER:3rd, Brain Pod, and Sample: H0512
Escape from Midgar Zenene, Hundred Gunner, Heli Gunner, Rufus & Dark Nation, and Motorball
Mythril Mine Kalm Fang, Mandragora, Prowler, Mu, Devil Ride, Levrikon, Elfadunk, Custom Sweeper, Crawler, Castanets, Madouge, and Ark Dragon
Junon Capparwire, Scrutin Eye, Nerosuferoth, Formula, Marine, Zemzelett, Hell Rider VR2, Mystery Ninja, Bottomswell, and Jenova-BIRTH
Corel Grangalan Jr. Jr., Grangalan Jr., Grangalan, Beachplug, Search Crown, Bagnarada, Needle Kiss, Cockatrice (Cokatolis), Spencer, Bandit, Bloatfloat, Flapbeat, Joker, Bomb, Harpy, 2-Faced, Death Claw, Bullmotor, Cactuar, Land Worm, and Dyne
Gongaga Touch Me, Grand Horn, Gagighandi, Kimara Bug, Flower Prong (Small), Flower Prong (Medium), Flower Prong (Large), Heavy Tank, and Reno and Rude
Cosmo Canyon Basilisk(Vagrisk), Crown Lance, Desert Sahagin, Skeeskee, Griffin, Sneaky Step, Soul Fire, Heg, Gi Spector, Golem, Stinger, and Gi Nattak
Nibelheim and Rocket Town Dorky Face, Bahba Velamyu, Nibel Wolf, Mirage, Battery Cap, Kyuvilduns, Valron, Ying, Yang, Twin Brain, Jersey, Black Bat, Sonic Speed, Screamer, Velcher Task, Ghirofelgo, Zuu, Dragon, and Attack Squad
Temple of the Ancients Jemnezmy, Toxic Frog, Slaps, Under Lizard, 8 Eye, Kelzmelzer, Tonadu, Dual Horn, Ancient Dragon, Doorbull, Red Dragon, and Demons Gate
Wutai Sidequests Foulander, Edgehead, Razor Weed, Jayjujayme, Tail Vault, Bizarre Bug, Thunderbird, Garuda, and Adamantaimai
The Forgotten Capital Trickplay, Boundfat, Grimguard, Malldancer, Hungry, Acrophies, and Jenova·Life
Icicle Inn Jumping, Evilhead, Frozen Nail, Bandersnatch, Zolokalter, Ironite, Icicle, Killbin, Shred, Sculpture, Grenade, Cuahl, Vlakorados, Lessaloploth, Magnade, Headbomber, Dragon Rider, Gremlin, Wind Wing, Stilva, Gigas, Ice Golem, Blue Dragon, and Malboro
Great Glacier
Gaea’s Cliff
Whirlwind Maze Jenova·Death
Escaping Junon
Heading to Mideel
Huge Materia Mission Q. Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, Tonberry, Submarine Crew, Hard Attacker, Underwater Police, Captain, Guard System, Senior Grunt, Epiolnis, Corvette, Diver Nest, Bad Rap, Gun Carrier, Ho-Chu, Rilfsak, Guardian, Serpent, Diablo, Poodler, Ghost Ship, Unknown, Unknown 2, and Unknown 3, Wolfmeister, Eagle Gun
Defending Fort Condor CMD Grand Horn
Returning to Mideel Ultimate Weapon
Underwater Reactor Carry Armor
Submarine Battle
Return to Midgar Manhole, Shadow Maker, Cromwell, Crazysaw, SOLDIER:1st, Behemoth, XCannon, Maximum Kimaira, Grosspanzer Small B, Grosspanzer Small A, Grosspanzer Big, and Grosspanzer Mobile
The Northern Crater Scissors (upper half), Scissors (lower half), Christopher, Pollensalta, Armored Golem, Magic Pot, Gargoyle, Master Tonberry, Iron Man, Allemange, Death Dealer, Parasite, Dragon Zombie, Dark Dragon, Mover, and King Behemoth
Final Battle

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